General Awareness on Railway PDF Download

General Awareness on Railway PDF: Hi Viewers welcome to, in this article we are sharing the most important bits asked in the all previous years examinations conducted by different examinations boards. These all gk bits are expected are coming reputed in all exams. This time railway, SSC, TSPSC, APPSC and other board has conducted the different type exams General Knowledge Bits are useful for your preparation. Below we are attached the 100+ GK Important bits PDF file free download we shared the General study notes and quizzes for practice section. All Bits are gathering from different examination questions papers like SSC CGL, CHSL, Junior Engineer, Railway ALP, Group D, other competitive exams.

General Awareness on Railway PDF Download

General Awareness on Railway PDF Download

1. Which city is called “city of pearls”?
Answer: Hyderabad

2. Who is the author of book Reflections on Contemporary India?
Answer: Shekhar Dutt

3. Derby cup is related to which game?
Answer: Horse Riding

Explanation: A derby (UK) is a type of horse race named after the Derby Stakes run at Epsom Downs Racecourse in England. That was in turn named after Edward Smith-Stanley, 12th Earl of Derby, who inaugurated the race in 1780.

4. Tajmahal was built for?
Answer: Mumtaz.

5. Dhanwantri Award has given in which field?
Answer: Medical Science.

Explanation: Dhanvantari appears in the Puranas as the god of Ayurveda. It is common practice in Hinduism for worshipers to pray to Dhanvantari seeking his blessings for sound health for themselves and/or others, especially on Dhanteras or Dhanwantari Trayodashi.

6. Biggest Flower of world
Answer: Rafflesia (java)

Explanation: This rare flower is found in the rainforests of Indonesia. It can grow to be 3 feet across and weigh up to 15 pounds! It is a parasitic plant, with no visible leaves, roots, or stem.

7. Merlin award given in the field
Answer: Magic

8. Which Reverse Design is observed on new 500/- note?
Answer: Sanchi Stupa

9. Satish Dhawan Space Centre is located at?
Answer: Sriharikota

10. First Person who received Gyanpeeth Award?
Answer: G Shankara Kurup

11. Theory of Relativity given by?
Answer: Albert Einstein

12. What is Mars’ position by size?
Answer:  7th.

13. Hyper Test Markup Language (HTML) is which language?
Answer:  Markup language.

14. Khandadhar waterfalls are located at in which state?
Answer: ODISHA

15. Value of “G” decreases with?
Answer: Increase in Height.

16. Who is the author of ‘My Truth’?
Answer: Indira Gandhi.

17. 22nd amendment in the Indian Constitution is related to?
Answer: Fixing number of terms of President.

18. Unit of electric energy?
Answer: Joule.

19. Bahadur shah belongs to which dynasty?
Answer: Timurid dynasty

20. Brihadeshwara temple is located in?
Answer: Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu

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