Indian Geography Asked Question in Railway Exams ALP, Group D Exams

1. The major significance of south west Asia lies in its?
A) Commands over land routes
B) Most picturesque desert landscape
C) Enormous oil wealth
D) Holy pilgrimage centers of Christians Muslims and Jews
Answer: C

2. Oil refineries in south west Asia is located?
A) At the industrial centers
B) In the interior
C) In or near the oilfields
D) At ports of exports
Answer: D

3. The contrast in economic development between Israel and the other south west Asian countries is due to?
A) Desertic conditions of other countries
B) Mineral wealth of Israel
C) Irrigational facilities available in Israel
D) Application of high technology in Israel
Answer: D

4. Tea is grown in?
A) Ukraine
B) Georgia
C) Kazakhstan
D) Uzbekistan
Answer: B

5. Among the following south Asian countries, which one has the highest level of urbanization?
A) Sri Lanka
B) Bangladesh
C) Pakistan
D) Nepal
Answer: C

6. In which one of the following basins is Taklimakan desert located?
A) Tarim basin
B) Lopnor basin
C) Kerulen basin
D) Red basin
Answer: A

7. Tonle sap lake, one of the world’s largest freshwater fisheries, is replenished by 
which one of the following rivers?
A) Yangtze
B) Irrawaddy
C) Mekong
D) Salween
Answer: C

8. In Brazil, iron ore is found chiefy in which one of the following federal units?
A) Amazonas
B) Maranhao
C) Minas gerais
D) Rio Grande do Norte
Answer: C

9. San Andrea’s fault passes through which of the following?
A) Beau rots sea and Rocky Mountains
B) Pacific ocean north of San Francisco and Gulf of California
C) Bering strait and Alaska Range
D) Mackenzie mountains and western cordillera
Answer: B

10. Which one of the following has the volcanic Mount St. Helens?
A) Aleutian Range
B) Alaska Range
C) Cascade Range
D) Mohave Desert
Answer: C  

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