Biology Quizzes for SSC CHSL Exam 2018

Biology Quizzes for SSC CHSL Exam 2018: Hi friends in this post we are given the 15 most important questions asked in the staff selection commission CHSL prelims examination. Every year SSC Recruitment board conducted the exam for the combined higher secondary level examination. Below this post we are given 15 previous year questions asked In the CHSL Written test. These questions are helpful when exam time which type of questions is asked in the preliminary computer based test.

Biology Quizzes for SSC CHSL Exam 2018

Biology Quizzes for SSC CHSL Exam 2018

1. Which of the following oils is gaining popularity as a cooking option in India?
A) Olive
B) Coconut
C) Pongamia
D) Peanut
Answer: B

2. Vegetative propagation by stem cutting is generally foundation?
A) Banana
B) Sugar cane
C) Mango
D) Cotton
Answer: B

3. A fertilized egg is known as?
A) Oospore
B) Conidiospore
C) Zoospore
D) Zygote
Answer: B

4. True fruit develop from?
A) Ovary
B) Thalamus
C) Petal
D) Funicle
Answer: A

5. From which part of opium plant we get morphine?
A) Leaves
B) Stem
C) Bank
D) Fruit coat
Answer: D

6. Coconut and mango grouped under kind of fruit?
A) Pome
B) Bery
C) Drup
D) Pepo
Answer: C

7. The edible part of mango is?
A) Exocarp
B) Mesocarp
C) Endocarp
D) Pericarp
Answer: B

8. Edible part of coconut is?
A) Pericarp
B) Endosperm
C) Seed coat
D) Complete seed
Answer: B

9. The fleshy thalamus is edible in?
A) Mango
B) Orange
C) Tomato
D) Apple
Answer: D

10. Gametophytes of sexually reproducing flowering plants are?
A) Haploid
B) Diploid
C) Tetraploid
D) Polyploidy
Answer: A

11. Seedless fruit is obtained from?
A) Using enzymes
B) Using harmones
C) Keeping plant at 70c
D) Keeping plant in shiny light
Answer: B

12. The major of the following principles does a rocket work?
A) Mango
B) Drumstick
C) Neem
D) Lotus
Answer: B

13. Which of following match is correct?
A) Mango-bery
B) Tomato-pome
C) Apple-drup
D) Banana-bery
Answer: D

14. Fruit of which of the following plant is found underground soil?
A) Potato
B) Carrot
C) Pea-nut
D) Onion
Answer: C

15. Which part of pear is edible?
A) Fleshy thalamus
B) Spores
C) Both a & b
D) Pod
Answer: A

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