Asoka’s Edicts & Inscriptions List PDF For Competitive Exams

Asoka’s Edicts & Inscriptions List PDF: The great Emperor Ashoka, the third monarch of the Maurya dynasty converted to Buddhism after witnessing the horrific effects of war in Kalinga. The Edicts of Ashoka are in total 33 inscriptions written on the Pillars, boulders and cave walls of Mauryan Period, during the reign of the Emperor Ashok that are dispersed throughout the Indian Sub-continent covering India, Pakistan and Nepal. They were kept in public places and along trade routes so that maximum number of people would read them. 

Asoka’s Edicts & Inscriptions List PDF

Asoka’s Edicts & Inscriptions List PDF For Competitive Exams

Total three types of Inscriptions are classified those are

Major Rock Edicts

Pillar Rock Edicts

Minor Rock Edicts

Major Rock Edicts:

There are fourteen (14) major rock edicts in series and two separate. 

Major Rock Edict I
It Prohibits animal slaughter and bans festive gatherings.
Major Rock Edict II
Care For Man and Animals
Major Rock Edict III
Generosity to Brahmans.  About Yuktas, Pradeshikas and Rajukas who would go every five years to different parts of his empire to spread Dhamma.
Major Rock Edict IV
Dhammaghosha (sound of Dhamma/righteousness) over Bherighosha (sound of war).
Major Rock Edict V
About Dhammamahamatras. Talks about treating slaves right.
Major Rock Edict VI
King’s desire to know about his people’s conditions. About welfare measures.
Major Rock Edict VII
Tolerance for all religions.
Major Rock Edict VIII
Ashoka’s first visit to Bodh Gaya and the Bodhi tree (his first Dhamma Yatra).
Major Rock Edict IX
Condemns popular ceremonies.
Major Rock Edict X
Disapproves of the individual’s desire for fame and glory and stresses on Dhamma.
Major Rock Edict XI
Elaborates on Dhamma.
Major Rock Edict XII
Tolerance for all religions and sects.
Major Rock Edict XIII
Mentions victory over Kalinga. Mentions Ashoka’s Dhamma victory over Greek Kings Antiochus of Syria (Amtiyoko), Ptolemy of Egypt (Turamaye), Magas of Cyrene (Maka), Antigonus of Macedon (Amtikini), Alexander of Epirus (Alikasudaro). Also mentions Pandyas, Cholas, etc.
Major Rock Edict XIV
Engraving of inscriptions installed in various parts of country. 

Minor Rock Edicts of Emperor Ashok's 

These are inscribed on 15 rocks found across India. Minor Rock Edicts have been found at various locations. It is interesting to note here that, Ashoka has used his name only at these four places. Maski in Karnataka; at Brahmagiri in Karnataka; at Gujarra in Madhya Pradesh; at Nettur in Andhra Pradesh.

Pillar Edicts:

The pillars edicts use two types of stones. One type is a spotted, white sandstone sourced from Mathura. Another type is a Buff colored Sandstone and Quartzite sourced from Amravati. There are a total 11 pillars that have been found in India and Nepal. These are found at Topra (Delhi) , Meerut, Kausambhi, rampurva, Champaran, Mehrauli, Sanchi, Sarnath, Rummindei, and Nigalisagar. All of these pillars are monolithis( made from single rock).

Talks about
Pillar Edict I
Ashoka’s principle of protecting his people.
Pillar Edict II
Pillar Edict III
Avoiding practices of cruelty, sin, harshness, pride and anger among his subjects.
Pillar Edict IV
Responsibilities of the Rajukas.
Pillar Edict V
List of animals and birds that should not be killed on certain days. Another list which mentions animals that should never be killed.
Pillar Edict VI
Dhamma policy of the State.
Pillar Edict VII
Ashoka’s work for fulfilling Dhamma. Tolerance for all sects. 

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