Indian Geography Questions with Answers for SSC Examinations

Indian Geography Questions with Answers

1. Which one of the following continents has the lowest birth and death rates?
A) Europe
B) Australia
C) North America
D) South America
Answer: A

2. Which one of the following was formulated by George KZAP in 1940 to explain the observed movement of people?
A) Principal of least of effort
B) Intervening opportunities
C) Gravity model
D) Mean information field
Answer: A

3. Which is the only Asian country having maximum number of languages?
A) India
B) Pakistan
C) Nepal
D) England
Answer: C

4. The total population divided by available arable land area is referred to as?
A) Population density
B) Nutritional density
C) Agricultural density
D) Industrial density
Answer: C
Indian Geography Questions with Answers for SSC Examinations

5. World’s highest urban density of population occurs in?
A) Kolkata
B) Tokyo
C) New York
D) London
Answer: B

6. Which among the following is the most populous city in the world?
A) Kolkata
B) Mexico city
C) Sao Paulo
D) Tokyo
Answer: D

7. Which of the following is the third largest country in population after china and India?
A) Bangaladesh
C) Indonesia
D) Japan
Answer: B

8. The least density populated country among the following countries of Europe is?
A) Belgium
B) Norway
C) Germany
D) Poland
Answer: B

9. Which continent has the highest density of population?
Answer: D

10. Why south-east asia has the largest concentration of peasant population at the global scale?
A) The area is dominated by shifting cultivation due to favourable  terrain character
B) Intensive subsistence farming is paractised in the region
C) The region has favourable and healthier climate
D) The area has a large forested area which is cleared for cultivation of various crops
Answer: B

11. Which one among the following south asain countries has the highest population density?
A) Nepal
B) Pakistan
C) India
D) Sri lanka
Answer: C

12. Lapland is a cultural region largely within the arctic circle in the north of the scandinvavian peninsula. Who inhabited the Lapland?
A) Sami people
B) Padaung people
C) Hamar people
D) Himba people
Answer: A

13. Tuareg is a pastoral nomad living in the desert of?
A) Kalahari
B) Sahara
C) Arabia
D) Patagonia
Answer: B

14. Which one of the following pairs is correct matched?
A) Bushmen-atacama
B) Tuaregs-kalahari
C) Bedouins-sahara
D) Bindibus-australian desert
Answer: D

15. Where does the ethnic group called dayak live?
A) Bali
B) Borneo
C) Tenggara sunda islands
D) West timor
Answer: B

All the questions are asked in the previous year CHSL Examinations. These bits are helpful for your preparation. This time very tough to getting the central government job that to Combined Higher Secondary Level computer based test (CHSL CBT). Below this post we are providing the links how to crack SSC CHSL in first attempt without coaching at home and some previous year model papers pdf download.
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