SSC MTS Asked Questions 11th October 2017 Given GK Questions

SSC MTS Asked Questions 11th October 2017: Hi Readers, in this post we are sharing with you Staff Selection Commission Multi-Tasking Staff General Knowledge Questions asked in 11 October 2017 Exam. SSC MTS Re-Exam 2016 has started on 16th September and ending date is 31-10-2017. Today (11.10.2017) Written Test has conducted by the recruitment board at different examination centers in all over India. We will be sharing with you asked bits 11 October 2017 (11.10.2017). MTS Exam giving questions from the following topics like as General Intelligence & Reasoning, Numerical Aptitude, General English and General Awareness.

SSC MTS Asked Questions 11th October 2017

Recruitment Board conducted the Multi-tasking Exam 3 shifts per daily. Time durations for the computer based test are 90 minutes. Actually SSC MTS Test is Re-Exam of 2016 notification because of Paper leaking in the year 2016. This test is the largest written exam conducted by the SSC Recruitment Board.

SSC MTS GK Asked Questions 11th October 2017 1st Shift (10:00 AM To 11:30 Am)

1shift / 1st slot of the computer based test starting from the (10:00 AM to 11:30 AM). 90 Minutes of the exam durations. Total 100 questions are asked in the CBT Exams. Below we are sharing the First Shift given bits the MTS Examinations.

India’s struggle for independence book is written by? – Bipan Chandra

Pancreas functions as which type gland? – Both Endocrine and Exocrine gland

Question related to Electrical Fuse.

Saliva contains which of the following? – Ptyalin

Sunlight is – Abiotic

Emergency Provisions is in which part of Constitution? – PART XVIII

Mohammad Ghori was defeated in the year 1191 by which of the following ruler? – Prithviraj Chauhan

What is the Correct Spelling – Parellel, Procead

Ans: (Parallel, Proceed)

Antonym/Synonym – Thrive, Scorn

What is the remainder when 631×632×633 divides by 5? Ans: 1

Who invented Power loom? – Edmund Cartwright

In 1918 Gandhiji started which movement against the industries? -Swadeshi Movement

Which new route has been made between Agartala and Bangladesh? – Agartala-Akhaura Rail Link

Question related to Sports Related

Which is the oldest language among the options? – Sanskrit

2nd Shift General Knowledge Questions (1:30 PM TO 3:00 PM)

When will winter season starts in India? – December

Who is Mughal Emperor Jahangir’s wife? – Nur Jahan

Who is the Author of ‘Essays on the Gita’ – Sri Aurobindo

Arun III hydroelectric project is related to which country? – Nepal

Fundamental rights are in which part of the Indian constitution? – Part III

How many Positive Integer factors are in 333.

Pipe A fills in 50 hours and Pipe B fills in 60 hours C empty it in 70 hours. How many hours 
will it take to fill the tank if the three pipes are opened together?

From which country India import clothes in 18th century?

Among the following which one comes after INPUT in computer language?

Which annual conference of geopolitics and Geo-economics held in New Delhi? – Raisina Dialogue

Who invented the stethoscope? – Rene Laennec

What is tax on imported goods is – Import duty

Who is the author of book ‘A suitable Boy’ –  Vikram Seth

MTS Third Slot GK Asked Bits (4:30 PM TO 6:00 PM)

India cancelled issuing VISA to which neighbouring country? – China

Who discovered the law of definite proportions? – Proust

Thomas Edison discovered – Electric bulb

What is Earth’s orbital plane angle? –  23.5°.

What is Pakistan Russia joint military exercise name? – DRUZBA

What is the correct spelling – Maintain, Miscellaneous

What is the average lifespan of an erythrocyte? – 120 days

India cancelled issuing VISA to which neighboring country? – China

What is the range of Oceans crust? – 5 km to 10 km

Warli Tribal paintings belong to which state? – Maharashtra/Gujarat

Which section is known as ‘Conscience of Indian Constitution’? – Fundamental Rights

Term associated with Football – Soccer

Which organ swells in Goitre condition? – Thyroid Gland

What is the Capital of British India until 1911? – Calcutta

Note: If you have anyone write the SSC MTS Today Exam in Any Shift Please Share Questions in below comment box our team upload the questions.

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