SSC MTS 5th October 2017 GK Asked Questions in All Shifts

SSC MTS 5th October 2017 GK Asked Questions in All Shifts: Hi Viewers Staff Selection Commission has conducted the online exam for the Multi-Tasking Staff (SSC MTS- 2017) CBT Test At Different Examination Centers in All over India. Today (05-10-2017) SSC Board has conducted MTS written Test Shift wise. This post we are giving the SSC MTS General Knowledge Asked Questions. These GK Questions are helpful for which type of questions is In the SSC Multi-Tasking Exam 2017.

SSC MTS 5th October GK Asked Questions

What is the Full Form of UJALA Scheme?  - Unnat Jyoti by Affordable LEDs for All

Which is the longest Desert? Sahara

Agra summit was held between India and which country?  - Pakistan

Name the new app launched for implementation of rural electrification programme? GARV-II

Who discovered Neutron? - James Chadwick 

Directive Principles are in Which part of Indian Constitution? - Part IV

Who authored the book  Das Capital? - Karl Marx    

Countries participating with India in Malabar Joint Ecercise? - US and Japan

Which is the longest day in Summer solstice? -  June 21    

Who is the current Indian Cricket Team Coach?  - Ravi Shahstri

How many elected members are in Rajya Sabha? - 238 

What is the Full Form of NNP? - Net National Product

Who was the last great king among Mughals?  - Aurangazeb

What is the Full Form of NIC in computer language? - Network Interface Controller 

What is the colour of lymph fluid? - Colorless

Lodha Committee is related to which Sport? - Cricket  

What is meant by strait?  - A narrow passage of water connecting two large areas of 

What is the Full Form of GDP? - Gross Domestic Product

Which material is  heated to form plaster of Paris? - Gypsum  

Madhubani painting is called as? - Mithila Painting 

When did Muslim league first put forward the demand for a separate nation? - 1930 

Right to Education is in Which Article?  - Article 21 A 

Best Supporting Actress Award in 64th National Film Awards given to - Zaira Wasim (Dangal) 

What is hole in upper part of heart is termed as?  - Atrial Septal Defect 

Who is the author of the book Man-Eaters of Kumaon?  - Jim Corbett 

Who discovered DNA Structure?  - James Watson and Francis Crick      

Who invented Blood Circulation? - William Harvey

Which Indian Scientist Won 2017 Dan David Award? - Shrinivas Kulkarni

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