SSC MTS 12th October 2017 GK Asked Questions with answers

SSC MTS 12th October 2017 GK Asked Questions: Hi Viewers are you searching for the today multi-Tasking Staff Computer Based Test (CBT) Online GK Asked Questions. This post we are providing the SSC MTS 12-10-2017 Online CBT Test given all slot’s (I, II, III) Questions with Answers.

SSC MTS 12th October 2017 GK Asked Questions

SSC MTS 12-10-2017 1st Shift/ Ist Slot Asked Questions

Who got Best CM Award? – Chandrababu Naidu

Where is blood stored in the human body? – Spleen

Jallianwala Bagh massacre happened in which year? – 1919

Who is the author of book ‘Unhappy India’ ? – Lala Lajpat Rai

Golden Ball Award related to which game? – Football

Who proposed atomic Theory – John Dalton

How national Income is calculated -- NI = NNP at market cost — Indirect tax + subsidies

What did Frederick Banting discover? – Insulin

What is the Antonym of Adultery --- Fidelity

Find √(23+2√130).         

A train of 150 meter length crosses one post in 10 sec then find the speed of the train?

How many numbers in between 1 to 100 are divisible by 3 but not divisible by 2?

If amount becomes 3900 for one year and 5070 for the second year, Find the rate of Interest?

Staff Selection Commission MTS 12th Oct 2017 II nd/ 2nd Slot GK Given Bits

Who is known as the “Magician of hockey”? – Dhyan Chand

what is group 18 on the periodic table called as? – Noble gases

Who discovered blood groups – Karl Landsteiner

What is the Unit of Energy? – Joule

When the bulb fuses, what happens with the filament? – Filament breaks

What was Ernest lawrence invented? – Cyclotron

Book written by Akbar during his reign? – Akbarnama

Which is the second largest ocean – Atlantic Ocean

Golden Globe Tigers Award 2017 won by – Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilisers and Chemicals Ltd

Who is the Author of the book ‘The Race of My Life’? – Milka Singh

What percentage of water from Indus can be used by Pakistan? – 80 percent

‘Gram Uday Se Bharat Uday Abhiyan’ campaign started on whose 125th Birth Anniversary? – B. R. Ambedkar

SSC MTS 12th October 2017 3rd Shift Asked Questions

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Every day Staff Selection Commission Recruitment Board has conducted the online written exam for Multi-Tasking Staff Re-exam 2016 from September 28 on wards. Toady (12-10-2017) also the examination board has conducted the online computer based test. 

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