SSC MTS GK Asked Questions with Answers in All Shifts 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22nd Questions

SSC MTS GK Asked Questions with Answers: Hi Viewers in this Post we are giving the Staff Selection Commission Multi-Tasking Staff (SSC MTS) GK (General Knowledge) Questions asked in the All Shifts. SSC Board has conducted the online exam for the MTS Written Test at Different Examination Centers all over in India. Now we are providing the General Knowledge Questions asked in the All Shifts from 16th September to 22nd September 2017. This SSC MTS Asked Questions are useful for the analyses the type of bits are asked in the written test SSC Multi-Tasking Exam 2017.

SSC MTS Asked Questions with Answers All Shift-wise
SSC MTS GK Asked Questions with Answers

Staff Selection Commission Conducted the Written exam for filling the Multi-Tasking Staff in All Over India. SSC MTS Exam Conducted 16th Sept to 22nd Sept 2017 Total Three Shifts a Day. Below we are giving the all Shifts General Knowledge Questions with Answers.

SSC MTS 16th September All Shifts GK Bits with Answers

What is the other name for Burma?Myanmar

Where will be the 2019 Cricket World Cup held? - England and Wales

Ribs are connected to which part of Human Body? Cartilage

What is the first page of any website called? – Homepage.

Which is the main element in an Amalgam? – Mercury

On what date did the Constitution of India come into being? 26 January 1950

How is NNP calculated? Gross National Product - Depreciation

What is the SI unit of Conductance? Siemens

Name the inventor of Barometer? – Evangelista Torricelli

How many Houses are in the Indian Parliament?Two Houses (Lok Sabha (House of 
the People) Rajya Sabha (Council of States)).

Who wrote the book – ‘A Bend in the River’ – V.S. Naipaul

Which Vitamin does help in Clotting of Blood? Vitamin K

Which place is Mercury situated in the Solar System? – 1st

Which of the given roots cannot be eaten? : Carrot, Radish, Wheat

Who invented the Steam Engine? Thomas Savery

Major Dhyanchand Trophy is awarded to which sport? – Hockey

Where was the 1st session of Congress held?Bombay

Which instrument is Hari Prasad Chaurasiya famous for?flute play

Ibn Batuta is from which country? –Moroccan

What causes Day & Night on Earth? – Rotation of Earth.

Who is the writer of Book ‘True Colours’? – Adam Gilchrist

What is an Atom? A fundamental piece of matter

Who was the chairman of Drafting Committee? Dr. B.R. Ambedkar

Make in India was launched on which date? - 25 September 2014

SSC MTS 17th September Asked Questions

What is a Nephron? Functional unit of the kidney

How many rights are found in the Indian constitution?-Six

‘Ace’ is related to which game? Tennis

How many members are there in Rajya Sabha?- 250 members

Who started the Ryotwari System in India?  Thomas Munro

Staff Selection Commission MTS 18th Sept GK Questions

Which is the nearest star to earth?- The Sun

Who was the son of Bindusara?-  Ashoka

Which is the First organic country of the world? Denmark

Salt Satyagraha ended at?- 6 April 1930

Which metal used for railway track joints? Eutectoid Steel

Book Geetanjali written by Rabindranath Tagore was the set of?-Poems

The number of players in basketball?-  12 players.

Freedom of speech comes under which fundamental right? 2nd Fundamental Right

which is the nearest star to the Earth? The Sun

Which sector is called as service sector?-  tertiary sector

Most abundant Element present in the universe?- Hydrogen 

Who introduced Ryotwari system in india?- Thomas Munro

Which was the first sound movie? The Jazz Singer

Another name for vitamin C?-  ascorbic acid 

The Writer Of Book “Playing it’s my way”?- Sachin Tendulkar

Who transport water and minerals to plant?Xylem & Phloem

Name the ruler who shifted capital Delhi to Daulatabad?- Muhammad bin Tughluq

Who invented diesel engine?- Rudolf Diesel

Kilowatt hour is the unit of?- energy equivalent 

Night blindness is caused by deficiency of which vitamin?- vitamin A

MTS Questions 19th sept GK Bits

Name the Disease caused due to Vitamin C deficiency?- scurvy 

Who Won Man Booker International prize 2017?- Jessica Cohen, David Grossman

Who Won 2017 Wimbledon Men’s Title?-  Roger Federer

Slogan ‘Do or Die’ was given by?- Mahatma Gandhi

How far is the earth from the sun?- 149.6 million km

The Most abundant metal in Earth’s Crust is? - Aluminum

Which state’s celebrates the festival Hornbill? Naga Heritage Village, Kohima.

Who was the First Mughal King?- Babur

What is the name of India-Russia Joint military exercise?- INDRA

SSC Multi-Tasking Staff 20-09-2017 Asked Questions

Plant with branches grow much above the ground is called?Water Table

Who is chairman of Rajya Sabha?– Vice President

Sabarimala temple is in which state? – Kerala

Who discovered radium? – Marie Curie

How many factors take place in Production? 4

Which of the following is not an Element?Water

What is the SI unit of acceleration?meter per second per second (m/s²)

Agriculture Comes In Which Sector? – Primary Sector

India is which type of Country?Democratic

Which membrane-enclosed lungs in humans?Pleural membrane

Wide Ball is related to which game?Cricket

Basel convention treaty is related to?On the Control of Trans-boundary Movements 
of Hazardous Wastes and Their Disposal.

Who is the Author of the book “My Country My Life”?L.K Advani

In Which year is Jan Dhan Yojana Launched?August 2014

What are plants which are green and have tender stems called?Herbs

The distance traveled by a freely falling body is proportional toSquare of the time

SSC MTS 21st September 2017 Bits

Author of God’s of Antarctica?- Yashvardhan Shukla

The battery was invented by?- Alessandro Volta

 Indus water treaty is between India and?- Pakistan

Author of God of small things?- Arundhati Roy

2016 kabaddi WC winner? India

Bengal was divided under which viceroy?- Viceroy Curzon

How many countries are members of Mekong Ganga?  six 

Who wrote Dictionary?- Samuel Johnson

Man Booker prize winner 2017?- Jessica Cohen, David Grossman

Who invented the radio? Guglielmo Marconi

Lok Sabha lifetime achievement award winner? L.K. Advani

Panchasheel agreement between which countries? China and India

My music my life is the autobiography of? Ravi Shankar

Purna Swaraj statement was given by? Jawaharlal Nehru

Winner of 2017 ICC champions trophy? Pakistan

How many planets Solar system? Nine planets

Full form of GDP? Gross domestic product

SSC MTS 22nd September Asked GK Questions

Largest gland in a human body? Liver

What is the Full form of URL? Uniform Resource Locator

Who is the author of Unbreakable? Mary Kom

No of bones in a human body? 206

Famous Kushan ruler - Kanishka I

Metal ion responsible for clotting of blood – Vitamin K

Isotope differ in no of - protons

Sachin played his last match in which stadium? Wankhede Stadium  

Ryder Cup is related to which game? Golf

Ben Hur book was written by? Lewis Wallace

The largest bone in the human body? femur

Who was the founder of Rashtrakuta Dynasty? Dantidurga

Bengal partition in which year? 1905

23.5 north latitude is called? Tropic of Cancer

Untouchability is in which article? Article 17

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