How to Improve English for Banking Exam Important tips and tricks for competitive exams

How to Improve English for Banking Exam: English Language is one of the sections we attempt in Banking Exam. not only in  banking ,we attempt all other exams like as SSC,UPSC, Railway, LIC, NICL, NIACl and some other exams. Some of the students feels like English is a toughest section. Some of the students fells like a boring section, some people feels like not interesting section, some of the students feels like not too interested not too boring. what are it may be we are giving some  interesting tips and technics  to  prepare for bank exams .most of the students fails about cut off. so, these techniques are useful for all competitive exams preparing students or candidates.

How to Improve English for Banking Exams

Read News Paper Daily
The highest ratio of the students does not read news paper, especially English newspaper It decreases your efficiency of ENGLISH Language. so, we should adopt the newspaper reading plenty of the  English  newspapers available in our country. But, most of the readers want to read only "THE HINDU" .At the same time question paper settlers also ask the questions from "THE HINDU" Newspaper. Need not only whole paper, you just editorial section. The editorial section will developed your style of writing and help to improve vocabulary. And also most of the qualifying students said that they scored well in English.
Improve Your Vocabulary
It is another tip to improve English. Without efficient vocabulary we could not survive in bank exam. so, we suggest a book for you to improve your vocabulary. The book name is WORD POWER MADE EASY BOOK. It's just seventy eight rupees only. In this book we have so many words. such words  we use in particular situation in our daily life .and also there is a so many  practice tests, mental ability test it is not belongs to numerical ability this section also we have such type of test. That is remembering our well known words and daily usage words. Some particular sound tests also we have in this book. if all the words  you learn  you have a strong vocabulary .and also some words you learn from newspapers.

Download list of words and Use Dictionary

Download list of words in pdf format in various sites and various lists of words from internet. They help to you improve your vocabulary.  So, this is another tip to you improve your English. In all preparing days you should keep dictionary at you. This is important thing to you to improve your English. This is another way to improve your English. Learn every day at least five words that's enough to improve your English.
Read Out All Other Books:
Read out all the bank exam books which is prefer for bank exam books. Read out in the sense not read all the papers, just practice all the papers. There is a particular usage for read out all papers, we can observe what happens in each paper, how they ask questions, that’s a benefit to you.
And read all practice/sample papers .for that purpose we can see how they ask questions in keep read out all practice papers, they improve your English. In Every practice paper there is different type of questions. So, if we read all practice we will get good marks.

Attempt Last Question in First
Most of the students   leave/forget attempt last question in examination .some of the students don't bother about last question, they neglect the question. In every examination they ask easy question. so, we lose marks for easy question. So, if you attempt last question first you can save much marks from this section. Don’t lose marks.

 How to attempt reading comprehension

In this section we attempt major part of questions. But most of the students leave this section or don't bother about this section. Because, they worried about how to attempt questions and some of the students do not have interest about answer the questions .Nearly 20-40 question ask from this section. But we are not bothering. So, don’t lose the marks from this section. We give some tips to such type of students, we hope you will follow the tips .the tips are given below.
Write down the main points when you are reading the paragraph
Recall the every point which one is difficult to you.
Read the questions carefully, they helpful to you find out the answers easily
Identify the tone in the paragraph, that's very useful to find out the answer quickly.
Last but not least read twice first and last para thoroughly.               
So, friends we give some tips and technics for how to improve English for banking exam. If you follow the above tips you will get good marks.              
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