Geography GK Questions for SSC CGL CHSL CPO and Competitive Exams

Geography GK Questions for SSC CGL: Hi friends in this post we are providing the Geography General Knowledge questions. These bits are asked in the previous year Staff Selection Commission examinations. 10 questions are very important objective multiple choice questions (MCQ’s) for CGL Prelims Examinations. 

Geography GK Questions for SSC CGL

1.  Which is not a topography produced by volcano city -
A. Cones                        
B. Crater
C. Caldera                      
D. Cirque
Answer: D

2.  Which is not a causative factor of an earthquake?
A. Volcanoes                  
B. Isostacy
C. Tectonics                   
D. Waves
Answer: D

3.  Which of the following features is not an aspect of vulcanicity?
A. Geyser                         
B. Batholiths
C. Dyke                           
D. Fold
Answer: A

4. The earthquake at Sagami bay in Japan which killed two and a half lakh people was an example of –
A. Tectonic earthquake
B. Plutonic earthquake
C. Main- induced earthquake
D. Is static earthquake
Answer: A

5. Which of the following statements best describes the usefulness of vulcanicity?
A.  A violent volcanic eruption represents the release of an enormous amount of energy
B. The high density of population in parts of java is dependent an on agriculture
C. Some volcanoes are dormant
D. Fissure eruption are usually non- violent
Answer: B

6. Which of the following features is the product t of vulcanicity?
A. Geosynclines              
B. Escarpment
C. Atoll                            
D. Fold mountain
Answer: C

7. The lines joining the place of equal intensity of seismic waves are known as:
A. Seismic's line            
B. Isoseisimic line
C. Isogonal line               
D. Isogonic line
Answer: B

8.  The place of origin of an earthquake is called –
A. Epicentre                   
B. Focus
C. Seismal                      
D. Amphidromic point
Answer: B

9.  Tsunamis are originated due to –
A. Sea waves                 
B. Earthquake
C. Hurricane                   
D. Rotation of the earth
Answer: B

10.  The famous ‘Ring of fire’ which account for 68% of an earthquakes occurring in the earth is in the –
A. Atlantic ocean            
B. Indian ocean
C.Pacific ocean             
D. Arctic ocean
Answer: C

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