English Grammar Test with Answers for All Bank SSC and Other Competitive Exams

English Grammar Test with Answers: Hi Friends here we discuss the English Grammar Test with Answers. Fill in the Blanks in the English Section questions are asked in the every competitive exam like as SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, Railway, IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, IBPS SO, All Bank Entrance Exams. 30 previous year asked grammar questions are provided below. Answers are highlighted in Yellow Color.  

English Grammar Test with Answers for Competitive Exams

1. If she _________ about his financial situation, she would have helped him  out.
 A. knew         
B. had been knowing 
C. had known           
D. have known

2. I’ll_____ their cat while they are away on holiday.
A. be looking into       
B. be looking at          
C. be looking after   
D. be looking over

3. The test was          difficult she had problems finishing it on time
A. such           
B. a     
C. as   
D. so

4. By the time she arrives, we         our homework.
A. finish
B. will have finished
C. will finish    
D. were finished

5. I really didn’t know whether he anything about it.
A. had told      
B. had said    
C. has spoken
D. has talked

6. Everything             by the time you get there.
A. will have been ready 
B. had been ready     
C. was ready  
D. has been ready

7. There          the bell.
A. is going      
B.  to go          
C. goes          
D. has gone

8. How many people does the doctor know          _ of the disease?
A. are dying  
B. has died     
C. dying
D. dies

9. I    a novel   _ by O. Henry at nine yesterday.
A. read — written       
B. was reading — written
C. would read — to write
D. was to read — writing

10. The police _         the criminal three days ago.
A. has arrested           
B. have arrested        
C. arrested    
D. had been arrested

11. I waited until he   speaking before I made the suggestion.
A. has finished           
B. had finished         
C. would finish           
D. would have finished

12. It    a long time before I see you again.
A. has been    
B. will be       
C. is being      
D. is

13. I _ this TV set last Sunday, and now it            .
A. have bought — hasn’t worked      
B.  bought — won’t work
C.  had bought — didn’t work
D.  bought — doesn’t work

14. Opposite of stern  is
A. tenant         
B. crabby       
C. lenient       
D. unreasonable

15. Opposite of sedate  is
A. flighty       
B. loiter           
C. calm          
D. peaceful

16. She           goes to a restaurant at the weekend.
A. a lot of        
B. much         
C. sometimes
D. None

17. David likes _  to music in the evening.
A. listen          
B. to listen      
C. listening   
D. None

18. _ is a chronic drinker, someone who is intoxicated
A. alcoholic   
B. alcoholist    
C. drunk         
D. drunkard

19. is someone who performs ‘magic tricks’ to entertain an audience, one who practises magic or sorcery
A. magic         
B. magician   
C. magicus     
D. magique

20. is someone paid to operate a typewriter
A. typyst         
B. typist         
C. typewriter  
D. typer

21. Jane, you             sad! What’s up?
A. will look      
B. looks          
C. look           
D.  is looking

22.  your homework?
A. Did you do 
B. Has you done        
C. Has you done        
D. Have you  done

23. When _     _?
A. did you arrive      
B. did you arrived       
C. do you arrived       
D. has you arrived

24. She           _ in this house for years.
A. lives           
B. lived          
C. have lived  
D. None

25. The weather forecast says the sun      tomorrow.
A. is shining    
B. may shine  
C. shines        
D. will shine

26. We             my aunt next week on Friday. It will be her birthday.
A. are visiting           
B. have visited           
C. is visiting    
D. visited

27. Leif Ericson.................. while he …………………………towards the west.
A. was discovering ... sailed           
B. has discovered ... were sailing
C.  has discovered ... was sailing      
D. discovered ... was sailing

28. Many things         this month.
A. changed
B. has changed          
C. have changed      
D. would change

29. He…………………………… mineral water every day.
A. drink           
B. drinks       
C. is drinking  
D. will drink

30. She……………………………………….. from a large whisky-bottle.
A. will drink     
B. is drinking
C. drinks         
D. drink

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