English Grammar Questions with Answers for Competitive Exams

English Grammar Questions with Answers

English Grammar Questions with Answers for Competitive Exams: In this post we give the English Grammar Fill In the Blanks questions with answers useful for the All the Competitive Exams. Answers are in the BOLD Check Theall Answers Below the questions. 

1. John _______ come with us tonight, but he isn’t quite sure yet.
A. Must           
B. May           
C. Will 
D. Can

2. My flower is dead. I_________it every day.
A. Will water   
B. Must water 
C. should have watered
D. Should water

3. There is a speed limit. You_______drive too fast.
A. Needn’t drive         
B. Mustn’t     
C. Oughtn’t     
D. Don’t

4. Nick learned from his science class that water _____ at 100 degrees centigrade.
A. Boiling        
B. Boils         
C. Boils           
D. Is boiling

5. We will play golf on Sunday if it ______.
A. doesn’t rain          
B. Won’t rain  
C. Didn’t         
D. Wouldn’t

6. We’ll begin when you ______ready.
A. will be         
B. Have          
C. Have been 
D. Are

7. Great changes _____        in China since 1980.
A. Has taken place    
B. Have taken place 
C. Have been taken place     
D. Took place

8. He_____ when we got there.
A. Would have already arrived          
B. Will already arrive
C. had already arrived         
D. has already arrived

9. How many times   you_____to Los Angeles?
A. have ... gone          
B. Have ... been        
C. Had ... been           
D. Had ... gone

10. I wondered if they_______ for Chicago next month.
A. Are leaving
B. Will leave   
C. Were leaving        
D. Had left

11. The man I _______ yesterday is my high school teacher.
A. Came across        
B. Come across         
C. Has come across  
D. Had come across

12. My watch is new. It ------ perfect time.
A. kept
B. had kept     
C. keeps        
D. Will keep

13. Do you mind_____here?
A. I sit 
B. My sitting 
C. My sitting   
D. I sitting

14. I can hardly imagine Mike______ across the Atlantic Ocean all by himself.
A. Sail 
B. To sail        
C. Sailing      
D. Sailing

15.   I would appreciate_____ back this afternoon.
A.  You to call 
B.  You call     
C. You’re calling         
D. Your calling

16. No one enjoys------- in public.                   
A. To be made fun of 
B. Making fun of        
C. Being made fun of          
D. To make fun of

17. If you keep ------ in English, your oral English will improve.
A. To talk        
B. Talking     
C. Talk           
D. Having talked

18. You wanted that, ..........?                     
A. Would you 
B. Didn’t you  
C. Wouldn’t you         
D. Do you

19. He saw that ..........?
A. Is he           
B. Won’t he    
C. Didn’t he   
D. Doesn’t he

20. You know that’s right______ ?
A. Would you 
B. Wouldn’t you          
C. Don’t you 
D. Didn’t you

21. He will be coming_______?
A. Is he           
B. Did he        
C. Doesn’t he 
D. Won’t he

22. After all this time you’d think he’d have forgotten______?
A. Didn’t you  
B. Wouldn’t you       
C. Don’t you   
D. Do you

23. Has the advertising agency_____ the new promotional material yet? I need it by this afternoon.
A. Dropped off         
B. Dropped in 
C. Dropped out          
D. Dropped by

24. We need to______ the price of the product, which is relatively high, and focus on  its quality as a selling point.
A. Back down
B. Break down           
C. Play down
D. Settles down

25. Have you another interesting product features that we could emphasize in the ads?
A. Come across                   
B. Drawn out  
C. Gotten across        
D. Made out

26. We’ve decided to ________ billboards and use more double-page spreads instead.
A. Back off on
B. Come down with   
C. Cut back on         
D. Drop off

27. This poster is horrible and can’t be used. The colors and images are all wrong. We will_____ have to
A. Do it over  
B. Even it out 
C. Do it in       
D. Put it down

28. We had to reorder the printed advertisements because the printer completely forgot and the free sample coupons.
A. Kept off      
B. Left out     
C. Passed out
D. Shaved off

29. We’re going to have to   the advertising campaign if we can’t get any TV or radio time.
A. Call on       
B. Call off                  
C. Drop off     
D. Drop out

30. This commercial doesn’t seem to promote the product. Can you explain to me how dancing chickens sport shoes?
A. Pan out as 
B. Holds up to
C. Add up to   
D. Have to do with

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