English Grammar for Competitive Exam Fill In the Blanks for Bank SSC Exams

 English Grammar for Competitive Exam: Dear Friends In this post we are given the English Grammar bits useful for the Bank, SSC, Railway, LIC and other Competitive Exams. Below our team providing the 20 most important multiple choice questions with answers previous year asked questions in the bank and SSC Exams.

English Grammar for Competitive Exams

 Rewrite as directed:

1. If you don’t work hard, you cannot succeed. (Change into a simple sentence)

(A)You don’t work hard and you cannot succeed.  

(B) You cannot succeed without hard work.

(C) If you work hard, you cannot succeed.

(D) None of these

2. He is a man of great ability. (Change into a complex sentence)

(A)He is a man who has great ability.

(B) He has a man of great ability.

(C) He has great ability.

(D) None of these

3. Choose the correct sentence.

(A) I am having a car.

(B) I having a car.

(C) I have a car.

(D) I has a car.

4. When I (see) him, he (write) a letter. (Use the correct tense)

(A) Saw, wrote

(B) Seeing, writing

(C) Seeing, wrote

(D) Saw, was writing

5. Choose the correct sentence.

(A) He came back yesterday.

(B) He has come back yesterday.

(C) He is coming back yesterday.

(D) He comes back yesterday.

6. Pick the word related to voting in an election.

(A) Ballot

(B) Ballot

(C) Ballet

(D) Ballet

7. An entomologist..............

(A) Studies the history of words.

(B) Collects stamps.

(C) Studies insects.

(D) Collects coins.

8. Choose the wrongly spelt word:

(A) routine

(B) Accommodation

(C) Foreign

(D) System 

Fill in the blanks:

9. She spent three hours over the manuscript.

(A) Pouring

(B) Poring

(C) Browsing

(D) Pondering

10. When was the steam engine —————?

(A) Discovered

(B) Discover

(C) Invented

(D) Invent

11. See that you ————— for the meeting in time.

(A) Will come

(B) Would come

(C) Come

(D) Should come

12. I ———— to Mumbai recently.

(A) Go

(B) Goes

(C) Have been

(D) Has been

13. We ——— meat for the lunch today.

(A) Had

(B) Have

(C) Has

(D) Are

14.———— money I had was stolen.

(A) A little

(B) A few

(C) The few

(D) The little

15. He learnt to play ———.

(A) The guitar

(B) A guitar

(C) An guitar

(D) Guitar

16. He ———— to watch TV for so long.

(A) Must not

(B) Should not

(C) Will not

(D) Ought not

17. You can have a cup, ———?

(A) Can’t you

(B) Aren’t you

(C) Will you

(D) Won’t you

18. A little progress has been made, ——— it?

(A) Hasn’t

(B) Haven’t

(C) Hadn’t

(D) Didn’t

19. It is so dark that —————.

(A) I can’t see nothing

(B) I can see nothing

(C) I could see nothing

(D) I couldn’t see nothing

20. There was ——— a sound to be heard in the room.

(A) no

(B) Not

(C) None

(D) Nothing


1-  B
2- A
3- C
4- D
5- A
6- B
7- C
8- D
9- B
10- C
11- C
12- C
13- B
14- D
15- A
16- D
17- A
18- A
19- B
20- B

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