English Grammar Fill in the Blanks questions with Answers For IBPS RRB SSC CGL

English Grammar Fill in the Blanks Questions: Hi viewers this post we providing the English Fill in the Blanks bits are asked in the previous year competitive exams like as SSC CGL, IBPS PO, IBPS RRB, Railway and Other All Competitive Exams.

English Grammar Fill in the Blanks Questions for SSC CGL IBPS RRB

1. Showing lack of love for your country; not supporting someone that you should   support
A. disloyal       
B. dissimilar    
C. illegal         
D. disrespectful

2. Lacking beauty or charm
A. illegal          
B. immodest   
C. unattractive           
D. impure

3. Not alike; different
A. impatient    
B. dissimilar    
C. impure       
D. disloyal

4. Prohibited by law or by official or accepted rules; not allowed by law
A. immodest   
B. impure       
C. dissimilar   
D. illegal

5. Having or showing an exaggerated opinion of your importance, ability; showing too much self-confidence
A. disloyal       
B. illogical       
C. immodest  
D. impractical

6. Your student ID will be ready______two days.
A. in    
B. on   
C. for  
D. over

7. What do you do ____ Friday night?
A. at    
B. in    
C. on  
D. over

8. There wasn’t a single person ______  she could turn for help.
A. that 
B. who
C. from whom
D. to whom

9. I’ll be free _____ 7 o’clock.
A. after           
B. at    
C. in    
D. on

10. The animal cans both live______ land and _____ the water.
A. on ——— on         
B. in ——— under     
C. on ——— in          
D. at ——— in

11. Some countries call for a change______ the direction of international health research and development.
A. on   
B. in    
C. at   
D. for

12. A dog ran out _____ behind the gate.
A. of   
B. to    
C. from           
D. for

13. Are you going _____ foot?
A. in    
B.  by  
C. on  
D. with

14. The house is______ fire.
A. on   
B. at    
C. in    
D. upon

15. The boy could not tell his teacher the reason _____being absent ____ school.
A. why —— from       
B. of ——— from      
C. for ——— in          
D. for ——— from

16. You’ll be eighteen next month, ...............?
A. will you       
B. won’t you   
C. are you      
D. None

17. Peter bought a new car last week, ...............?
A. did Peter    
B. didn’t he     
C. does he      
D. None

18. This band is fantastic, ...............?
A. is this band 
B. isn’t it          
C. does it        
D. None

19. Sarah has broken her leg, ...............?
A. has she      
B. hasn’t she  
C. had she      
D. None

More Fill in the Blanks Questions with Answers

20. Your friends didn’t go to school yesterday, ...............?
A. did they      
B. didn’t they  
C. do they      
D. None

21. When the liquid boils, ... the heat down and simmer it for 10 minutes.
A. turn
B. Switch        
C. Drop          
D. Set

22. If you don’t ... down, you will have an accident.
A. Low
B. Drive          
C. Run
D. Slow

23. Please ... your voice down or they will hear you.
A. Keep
B. Tone          
C. Take          
D. Switch

24. The government is trying to ... down the rate of inflation.
A. Reduce      
B. Bring          
C. Take          
D. Close

25. He ... down the fact that he had failed his exam.
A. Set 
B. Went          
C. Played       
D. Tried

26. There are quite a few options available to allow you to ... down your search for   specific cases.
A. Narrow       
B. Reduce      
C. Find           
D. Lo

27.-------- down! You’re getting too excited!
A. Calm          
B. Come         
C. Turn           
D. Cheer

28. He was very angry but had to .. his language down because there were children in the room.
A. Move         
B. Put 
C. Take          
D. Tone

29. The wind blew strongly for several hours but then it started to ... down.
A. Move         
B. Blow           
C. Die 
D. Pass

30. She got the owner to ... down the price.
A. Tone          
B. Put 
C. Turn           
D. Knock


1- A
2- C
3- B
4- D
5- C
6- A
7- C
8- D
9- A
10- C
11- B
12- C
13- C
14- A
15- D
16- B
17- B
18- B
19- B
20- A
21- A
22- D
23- A
24- B
25- C
26- A
27- A
28- D
29- C
30- D

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