English Grammar Fill In the Blanks Bits For Bank SSC CGL Exams

English Grammar Fill In the Blanks Bits For Bank SSC CGL Exams

Pick out the correct choices to fill the blanks:

1. I must put ————my visit till next week.
(A) Off
(B) Of 
(C) On
(D) Up

2. Add an initial letter to the word ‘arrow’ to get the meaning ‘to distresses.
(A) C  
(B) T   
(C) H  
(D) W

3. Ravi is married ——— his cousin.
(A) With
(B) Along with
(C) To 
(D) By

4. The —— is one who works on wood.
(A) artifact      
 (B) Artiste      
(C) Artist         
(D) Artisan

5. There is some confusion ——— the agreement.
(A) In  
(B) Over
(C) On
(D) Around

6. The snake crawled ———— it’s hole.
(A) Into           
(B) In  
(C) Under       
(D) By

7. The judge ordered that the criminal be put       death.
(A) Among     
(B) With
(C) By
(D) To

8. More than fifty years have gone by ———— Gandhi passed away.
(A) Till 
(B) Until
(C) Off           
(D) Since

9. I wonder whether I shall get ——— my maths examination.
(A) At  
(B) Through    
(C) In  
(D) Off

10. When Rena called ———— me, she was all dressed in.
(A) At  
(B) Off
(C) On
(D) For

11. The train is running ———— time.
(A) In  
(B) At  
(C) To 
(D) On

12. The lion has a ——— look.
(A) Deadly      
(B) Deathly     
(C) Dead        
(D) Dreary

13. His job gives him an ———— to go abroad.
(A) Occasion  
(B) Possibility 
(C) Hope        
(D) Opportunity

14. He was charged with the breach of conduct rules but was ——— by the enquiry committee.
(A) Exonerated          
(B) Hacked    
(C) Punished  
(D) Indicated

15. He ran ——— the road.
(A) over          
(B) At  
(C) By
(D) Across

16. Raju is displeased ———— his wife.
(A) On
(B) With
(C) By
(D) To

17. The antonym of ‘bold’ is:
(A) stupid        
(B) Strong      
(C) Rigid         
(D) Timid

18. Mr. John is ———— European.
(A) A   
(B) An 
(C) Of 
(D) By

19.   Keep quiet, ————? 
(A) Can’t you  
(B) Will you    
(C) Shall you  
(D) Won’t you

20. ———— breaking his leg, he hurt his arm too.                     
(A) As well as 
(B) Besides    
(C) Even if     
(D) As long as

21.   Necessity is the ———— of invention.                     
(A) Father       
(B) Cause       
(C) Reason    
(D) Mother

22. There is something wrong, ————?            
(A) Isn’t there 
(B) Wasn’t there         
(C) Is there     
(D) Will there

23. A motor car is kept in a ————.                    
(A) Garage     
(B) Shed         
(C) Hall           
(D) Open space

24. Young one of a cat is ————.                       
(A) Calf          
(B) Puppy       
(C) Cub          
(D) Kitten

25. ——— is a carnivorous animal.                       
(A) Tiger         
(B) Elephant   
(C) Bull           
(D) Zebra

26.  A fleet of —————.                
(A) Geese      
(B) Animals    
(C) Ships        
(D) Birds

27. It is high time that we ——— the place.                      
(A) Leave       
(B) Left           
(C) Have left  
(D) Had left

28. “Please help me.” This is a ———— sentence.                    
(A) Assertive  
(B) Imperative
(C) Exclamatory        
(D) Interrogative

29. “Post mortem” means:             
(A) Medical examination after death 
(B) Operation 
(C) Surgical investigation       
(D) Medical check up

30. The Scientific study of the eye and its diseases is:                      
(A) Dermatology        
(B) Ophthalmology    
(C) Orthopaedics       
(D) Orthography


1- A
2- C
3- C
4- D
5- B
6- A
7- D
8- D
9- B
10- C
11- D
12- A
13- D
14- A
15- D
16- B
17- D
18- A
19- A
20- A
21- D
22- A
23- A
24- D
25- A
26- C
27- B
28- B
29- A
30- B

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