English Grammar Exercises For BANK, SSC and All Competitive Exams

English Grammar Exercises for BANK Exams: Hi friends in this post we providing the general English Grammar Exercises for the Bank, Staff Selection Commission Exams and All Competitive Exams. This post consists 20 most important English questions are asked in the previous year’s written test exams.

English Grammar Exercises for Bank Exams

1. He helped me. (Turn into passive)
(A) He was helped me.           (B) I am helped by him.          (C) I was helped by him. (D) none of these

2. The inspector saw what Hasan was doing. He called out to him. (Combine these two sentences with ‘who’)
(A) The inspector who saw what Hasan was doing , called out to him.
(B) The inspector saw what who Hasan was doing and called out to him.
(C) Who the inspector saw what Hasan was doing, called out to him.
(D) None of these.

3. Tom, ‘who is a friend of mine’, is coming with me. (Substitute the underlined part if required)
(A) my friend (B) a friend of mine  (C) a neighbour friend of mine(D) no improvement

4. Choose the wrongly spelt word:
(A) annihilate   (B) anomalous            (C) deprecate  (D) eupheimism

5. Everyone in the village respected Hughes. He was shot at. (Combine these two sentences with ‘whom’)
(A) Everyone in the village whom respected Hughes and he was shot dead.
(B) Hughes whom everyone respected was shot dead.
(C) Everyone whom in the village respected Hughes was shot dead.
(D) Hughes whom everyone was respected and was shot dead.

6. The trekkers set up the hill at a ——— pace. (Use the antonym of ‘sluggish’)
(A) slow           (B) quick         (C) dull            (D) brisk

7. She is making tea. (Turn into passive)
(A) Tea is made by her           (B) Tea is being made by her   (C) She makes tea.  (D) none of these

8. They have completed the work. (Turn into passive)
(A) They have been completed by the work. (B) The work have been completed by them.
(C) The work has been completed by them          (D) none of these

9. Bird: Cage (Select the pair that best expresses similar relationship)
(A) thief: prison           (B) animals: Zoo         (C) antique: museum           (D) crime: punishment

10. He said to Ahmed, “I’ll be late”. (Change to indirect)
(A) She said to Ahmed that I’ll be late.           (B) She told Ahmed that she will be late.
(C) She told Ahmed that she’d be late.      (D) She told Ahmed that she could be late.

11. More than one attempt ———— made to break the door.
(A) have been (B) has been  (C) were          (D) have

12. The question has been ———— discussed.
(A) many         (B) much        (C) a few         (D) none of these

13. There is a beggar at the gate ,————— ?
(A) isn’t it         (B) is it (C) is there      (D) isn’t there

14. We should all help ————-— .
(A) Each other            (B) one another (C) each (D) none of these

15. One should love one’s country,————— ?
(A) Shouldn’t one     (B) shouldn’t he           (C) should one            (D) should he

16. Neither he nor I ———— the rules.
(A) Knows       (B) has known (C) know        (D) has

17. My uncle and guardian ——— a doctor.
(A) is               (B) are (C) were          (D) am

18. The Orator and the Statesman ———— killed in the accident.
(A) was                        (B) were         (C) has            (D) none of these

19. Of my two daughters she is ———.
(A) elder          (B) eldest         (C) the elder   (D) the eldest

20. A great many —————-— failed the test.
(A) boy                        (B) boys         (C) girl (D) none of these

Answers For Above Questions:

1-  C
2-  A
3- A
4- D
5- B
6- D
7- B
8- C
9- C
10- C
11- B
12- B
13- D
14- B
15- A
16- C
17- A
18- B
19- C
20- B

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