Computer Awareness Bits for IBPS RRB PO and SSC CGL Exams

Computer Awareness Bits for IBPS RRB PO and SSC CGL Exams

1. A computer portable and easy to carry by travelers is?
A) Super computer
B) Laptop
C) Mini computer
D) File servers
Answer: B

2. The powerful computer is?
A) Super computer
B) Micro computer
C) Mini computer
D) All of these
Answer: A   

3. PARAM was developed by?
B) IIT Kanpur
Answer: A

4. Which of the following refers to the fastest, biggest and most expensive computer?
A) Personal computer
B) Super computer
C) Laptop
D) Note book
Answer: B

5. Which type of computer could be found in a digital watch?
A) Mainframe
B) Super computer
C) Embedded computer
D) Notebook computer
Answer: C

6. The first computer was programmed using?
A) Assembly language
B) Machine language
C) Spaghetti code
D) Source code
Answer: B    

7. Digital computers use a …………. System to encode data and programs.
A) Semiconductor
B) Decimal
C) Binary
Answer: C

8. A computer falls into the  ………. Category if it is, at the time of construction, one of the fastest computers in the world.
A) Minicomputer
B) Supercomputer
C) Microcomputer
D) A and b both
E) None f these
Answer: B

9. Microcomputer hard ware consists of three basic categories of physical equipment?
A) Keyboard, monitor, hard drive
B) System unit, input/output, memory
C) System unit, input/output, secondary storage
D) System unit, primary storage, secondary storage
 Answer: C

10. A ………….. is a large and expensive computer capable of simultaneously processing data for hundreds or thousands of users.
A) Handheld computer
B) Mainframe computer
C) Personal computer
D) Tablet computer
Answer: B

11. Which is the smallest of the following computer?
A) Notebook
B) Laptop
C) Desktop
D) Workstation
Answer: A

12. A personal computer is designed to meet the computing needs of a (n) ………….
A) Individual
B) Department
C) Company
D) City
Answer: A

13. Which device uses a handheld operation system?
B) A personal computer
C) A laptop
D) A mainframe
Answer: A

14. A …………….. computer (also referred to as a laptop), is a small, lightweight personal computer that incorporates the screen, the keyboard, storage, and processing components into a single portable unit.
A) Notebook
B) Journal
C) Diary
D) Briefcase
Answer: A

15. The two types of output devices are ...
A) Monitor and printer
B) Floppy disc and CD
C)  Keyboard and mouse
D) Windows 2000 and Windows NT
Answer: A  

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