SSC CGL Previous Year Question with Solution for Tier 1 CBT Test

SSC CGL Previous Year Question with Solution: Staff Selection Commission has given the schedule for conducting the online computer based test (CBT) for Combined Graduate Level 2017-18 from 1st August to 20th August 2017. So many numbers of aspirants preparing seriously to utilize this golden opportunity to get a central government job in this financial year. Here we give some important last 10 years Staff Selection Commission CGL Previous year asked questions with solutions to helpful for your preparation. Below question is taken from General studies all topics all previous year asked questions. We update daily 10 CGL Asked questions in last year papers. Follow our site for all regular updates of all state and Central Government Jobs.

SSC CGL Previous Year Question with Solution:

1. Symbiotic association of mycorrhiza is between?
A) Algae & bryophytes
B) Fungi and root of higher plant
C) Algae & root of gymnosperm
D) Algae & Fungi
Answer: B

2. Enzymes are?
A) Carbohydrates
B) Acids
C) Protein
D) None
Answer: C

3. Secret code that restricts entry in the same programs is _____
A) Password
B) Passport
C) Entry code
D) Access code
Answer: A

4. Which river has the largest drainage basin?
A) Nile
B) Mississippi
C) Congo
D) Amazon
Answer: B

5. The balance of payment includes?
A) Visible trade
B) Invisible trade
C) Debts
D) All of these
Answer: B

6. Who had founded the independent league?
A) Moti lal Nehru
B) Mahatma Gandhi
C) Ras behari bose
D) Lala lajpat rai
Answer: A

7. Traveling through conflict is a book written by?
A) Hamid Ansari
B) Cherie Blair
C) Balraj Krishna
D) Salman Rushdie
Answer: A

8. If the length of a wire is doubled and its cross section is also doubled, then its resistance will?
A) Become one-fourth
B) Become four time
C) Become two times
D) Remain unchanged
Answer: D

9. Junk e-mail is also called ……….
A) Spam
B) Spoof
C) Sniffer script
D) Spool
Answer: A

10. Who is authorized to transfer the judges of one high court to another high court?
A) The president
B) The chief justice of India
C) A collegium of judges of the supreme court
D) The law minister
Answer: A

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