Physics Objective Question and Answer SSC CG CHSL Railway Exams

Physics Objective Question and Answer: Hi Friends in this we give the General Physics Objective multiple choice questions asked in the previous year SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, Railway and Other All Competitive Exams. 10 questions with answers are given in this post these 10 bits are asked in the last year SSC exams. General science questions are helpful in the CGL Prelims exam which Type questions are asked in the Exams.  

Physics Objective Question and Answer SSC CGL

1. The process of emission of electrons from metal by UV rays is?
A) Photoelectric emission
B) Thermionic emission
C) Secondary emission
D) Field emission
Answer: A

2. The electrons are emitted in the photoelectric effect from a metal surface?
A) Only if the frequency of the incident radiation is above a certain threshold value
B) Only if the temperature of the surface is high
C) At the rate of independent of the nature of the metal
D) None of these
Answer: A

3. The dual nature of light is exhibited by?
A) Diffraction and photoelectric effect
B) Diffraction and reflection
C) Refraction and interference
D) Photoelectric effect
Answer: A

4. Photocells are used for the?
A) Reproduction of picture from the cinema film
B) Reproduction of sound from the cinema film
C) Automatic switching of street light
D) B and Both
Answer: D

5. Photoelectric effect can be explained by assuming that light?
A) Is a form of transverse wave
B) Is a form of longitudinal wave
C) Can be polarized
D) Consists of quanta
Answer: D

6. Which is the incorrect statement of the following?
A) Photon is a particle with zero rest mass
B) Photon is a particle with zero momentum
C) Photon travels with velocity of light in vacuum
D) Photon even feel the pull of gravity
Answer: B

7. The velocity of photo electron emitted in photoelectric effect depends only on?
A) The frequency and intensity of incident light
B) The frequency of incident light
C) Both a and b
D) The wave length of incident light
Answer: D

8. If alpha, beta and gamma rays carry the same momentum, which has the longest wavelength?
A) Alpha rays
B) Beta rays
C) Gamma rays
D) None, all have same wave length
Answer: D

9. The wavelength of the matter waves is independent of?
A) Charge
B) Momentum
C) Velocity
D) Mass
Answer: A

10. A photo sensitive material would emit electrons, if excited by photons beyond a threshold. To overcome the threshold, one would increase?
A) The voltage applied to the light source
B) Intensity of light
C) The wavelength of light
D) The frequency of light
Answer: D

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