List One Word Substitution for Competitive Examination PDF Download

List One Word Substitution for Competitive Examination: Hi friends today we discuss the English Grammar One Word Substitution list from letter A to Z PDF Free Download. Here we give the 1000 one word substitution in English PDF free download with free cost. These English One Words are useful for the all competitive like as SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, Railway, Bank PO, and Bank Clerk Exams Also. These all one-word substitution questions PDF are asked in the Previous Year’s SSC CGL, SSC CHSL and SSC CPO Exams from the Year (1997-2017) all SSC CGL Tier 1, Tier 2, CHSL, CPO and other exams conducted by the Staff Selection Commission Recruitment Board. English One words are useful for the Bank Exams also.

List One Word Substitution for Competitive Examination PDF Download

Below this article gives the one-word substitutions list PDF for SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, and Bank Exams. Some examples are given below. The complete 1000+ previous year one word Substitution PDF File links are attached below.

List of issues to be discussed at a meeting: Agenda

The study of insects: Entomology

Theft of another person’s writings or ideas and passing them off as one’s own: Plagiarism

The place where public, government or historical records are kept: Archive

Speed of an object in one direction: Velocity

In a threatening manner: Ghastly

A situation that stops activity from progressing: Bottleneck

A person who dishonestly pretends to be somebody else: Imposter

A violent storm: Tempest

Careful or thorough inquiry: Investigation

Failing to discharge one’s duty (willfully) – Dereliction

A legal agreement by which a person borrows money from a bank usually to buy a house 

A movement of part of the body to express an idea or feeling: Gesture

To give one’s authority to another: Delegate

Body of Singers: Choir

A thing likely to be easily broken: Brittle

To bite like a rat –: Gnaw

A place of good climate for invalids –: Sanatorium

Speech for the first time –:.Maiden speech

A woman with dark brown hair -: Brunette

One who hates women –: Misogynist

The study or collection of coins –: Numismatics

An office with a salary but no work –: Sinecure

That which may be easily broken –: Brittle

Property inherited from one’s father or ancestors – Patrimony

An animal story with moral –: Fable

The study of ancient civilization –: Archaeology

A disease which is spread by direct contact –: Contagious

Lasting only for a short while – Temporary

A number of stars grouped together – Constellation

An animal that feeds on plants –:.Herbivorous

List Of English One Word Substitution Words

Use of force or threats to get someone to agree to something – Coercion

Murder of a man –: Homicide

Strong dislikes between two persons –: Antipathy

That which is without opposition –: Unanimous

Likely to arouse envy (jealousy) –: Enviable

Existing only in the mind –: Imaginary

One who eats too much –: Glutton

Talking disrespectfully of sacred things –: Blasphemy

A handwriting which is difficult or impossible to read –:.Illegible

Animals that eat flesh –: Carnivorous

One who knows everything –: Omniscient

Inability to sleep –: Insomnia

A list of name of books –: Catalogue

Yearly celebration of a date or an event –: Anniversary

A person who is killed because of their religious or other beliefs – Martyr

Men living in the same age –: Contemporary

A list of books and writings of one author or one subject –.Bibliography

The conference that takes place once in three year – : Triennial

A person in a vehicle or on horseback escorting another vehicle – .Escort

Intentional destruction of racial groups – :.Genocide

Prohibited by law or treaty from being imported or exported – Contraband

An excessively morbid desire to steal – : Kleptomania

A person who is greatly respected because of wisdom – Venerable

One who is unaffected or indifferent to joy, pain, pleasure or grief – Stoic

That which cannot be believed –: Incredible

One who is all powerful – : Omnipotent

An act of violence to take control of a plane – : Hijack

Send or bring somebody back to his own country – : Repatriate

Animals that live in a particular region – : Native

An inscription on a tomb – :Epitaph

A man of evil reputation- : Notorious

A decorative ring of flowers and leaves – : Wreath

Shaking movement of the ground – :Tremor

A game in which no one wins – ::Draw

The art of making maps and charts – : Cartography

Animals that can live on land and water – Amphibians

Completing a period of hundred years – Centennial

A figure with many angles or sides – Polygon

A list of things to be discussed at a meeting – :Agenda

A large number of fish swimming together – :Shoal

A room or building for the preservation of plants – :.Plantain

Liable to be easily broken – ::Brittle

A principle or standard by which anything is or can be judged – Criterion

A person who is self-centred – :.Egoist

A word that reads the same as backward or forward – Pallindrome

The firing of many guns at the same time to mark an occasion – .Fusillade

A person who supports or speaks in favour of something – Advocate

One living on vegetables – :.Vegetarian

An extract from a book of writing – :Excerpt

Person who files a suit – ::Plaintiff

A person who abstains completely from alcoholic drinks – .Teetotaller

Long poem based on a noble theme – :.Epic

One who lives both on land as well as in water – :Amphibian  

A strong dislike : Animosity

A collection of slaves – ::.Coffle

One who is always doubting – ::.Skeptic.

One who offers his services of his own freewill – :Volunteer

A person who repairs broken window-glasses – :Glazier

The art of beautiful handwriting – :.Calligraphy

A writing or a speech in praise of someone - :Eulogy

Loss of memory – ::.Amnesia

A speech made without preparation – :Extempore

A speaker’s platform –:Podium

Science of practice of map drawing –: Cartography

Motive or incitement to action – Incentive

A short trip or excursion – : Jaunt

Speech which is not audible – Inaudible

Partner in crime – Accomplice

A state where no law and order exists – : Anarchy

To free completely from blame – : Exonerate

Estimation of a thing’s worth – : Appraisal

A supplement to a will – Codicil

A person who collects coins –: Numismatists

Favoritism granted in politics or business to relatives –: Nepotism

A word or practice that has gone out of use -:.Obsolete

One word substitution in English PDF free Download

In English, One word substitution questions are very important in every competitive exam like as SSC CGL, SSC CPO, SSC MTS, SST Stenographer, SSC Constable exams, Bank Clerk, Bank PO, SBI Clerk, SBI PO Exams. The candidates who are preparing for all government jobs conducted by the State and Central Government recruitment boards. A maximum number of students is searching around the web One Word Substitution in English with meaning PDF files we given the PDF links free download below enclose the links.

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