English grammar test with answers For SSC CGL all Competitive Exams

English grammar test with answers SSC CGL: Hi Friends In this post we give the English Grammar Test with Answers. These Grammar Practice Sets Are useful for SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, Railway, All Bank Exams (Clerk, PO, SO), and State Common Entrance Test also. Below 20 Practice Bits given these all bits are asked in Previous Year Different Examination Boards Exams.

English grammar test with answers for SSC CGL

Directions (1-12): Pick out the correct answer from the choices given.

1. He came late, didn’t he? Give a positive answer.
(A) Yes, he came.       (B) Yes, he did.          (C) Yes, did he.           (D ) Yes,  he does.

2. He won’t help us, will he? Give a negative answer.
(A) No, he will.                        (B) No, he won’t.       (C) No, he would.        (D) No, he wouldn’t.

3. I am right, ———?
(A) amn’t I                   (B) am I           (C) are I           (D) aren’t I

4. Everyone was happy, ————?
(A) Wasn’t he              (B) weren’t they        (C) was he      (D) were they

5. Neither of them knew the answer, ————?
(A) Didn’t he                (B) didn’t they              (C) did he        (D)   did they

6. Neither of them ————— hard working.
(A) Are                        (B) is               (C) were          (D) have been

7. Each of us———— given a prize.
(A) have          (B) have been             (C) has            (D) were

8. The two girls like ————— very much.
(A) one another           (B) each other           (C) each          (D) none of these

9. By this time next year she ————— her course.
(A) will complete         (B) will be completing (C) will have completed (D) completed

10. She——— three languages. Now she ———— a fourth.
(A) is knowing, learns            (B) knows, is learning         (C) knows, learns       (D)is knowing, is learning

11. Before he—— the station, the train ———.
(A) Reached, left         (B) had reached, had left (C) reached, had left      (D) reaches, left

12. When he ————- the room, his son ———in his chair.
(A) Entered, slept       (B) was entering, slept (C) entered, was sleeping (D) had entered, had slept

Directions (13-17): Find out the error in the sentences given.

13. (A) One / (B) has to do / (C) his duty / (D) no error

14. (A) People believe that / (B) the God / (C) is omnipresent. /(D) no error

15. (A) Dog / (B) is / (C) a faithful animal. / (D) no error

16. (A) Man / (B) is / (C) mortal. / (D) no error

17. (A) The Platinum / (B) is / (C) a precious metal./(D) no error

Directions (18-20): Use correct prepositions wherever necessary.

18. He was absent ———— the class.
(A) to               (B) from          (C) in               (D) at

19. The proposal was acceptable ——— me.
(A) to              (B) in               (C) with           (D) from

20. The minister was accompanied ——— his private secretary.
(A) to               (B) by              (C) with           (D) at


1 - B
6- B
11- C
16- D
2 - B
7- C
12- C
17- A
3 - D
8- B
13- C
18- B
4 - B
9- C
14- B
19- A
5 - D
10- B
15- A
20 - B

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