English Grammar Question and Answers for Competitive Exams

English Grammar Question and Answers: Staff Selection Commission Conducts the online exam for CGL 2017-2018 Prelims. Here we provide the English Grammar Questions and answers useful for all the competitive exams like as SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, Bank PO & Bank Clerk Exams, LIC, NICL exams.

English Grammar Question and Answer for Competitive Exams

1. Would you slow down a bit, please?  I can’t     you.
 A. keep up with        B. put up with  C. make up to D. hold on to

2. At the door before entering please.
A. Knocked     B. To knock    C. Knocking    D. Knock

3. The men will have to wait all day ---- the doctor works faster.
A. if      B. unless        C. whether      D. that

4. Mr.  Kesav,  there’s  a man at _  front  door  who says he has_         _news  for  you of great importance.
A. the; —;       B.  the; the;      C. —; —;         D.  —; the;

5. John said he’d been working in the office for an hour,           was true.
A. he    B. this  C. which         D. who

6. Hundreds of jobs if the factory closes.
A. lose B.  will be lost            C. are lost        D. will lose

7. If this dictionary is not yours,     can it be?
A. what else    B. who else     C. which else’s            D. who else’s

8. I gave the money to her   I saw her.
A. while                      B. the moment           C. suddenly    D. once

9. I’ve won a holiday for two to Florida. I ---- my mom.
A. am taking  B. have taken  C. take            D. will have taken

10. I _ _to, but I forgot about buying butter.
A. liked                        B. wished        C. meant         D. expected

11. A new cinema_    here. They hope to finish it next month.
A. will be built  B. is built          C. has been built         D.  is being built

12. I read about it in some book, does it matter    _it was?
A. where          B. what                        C. how             D. which

13. Many people have helped with canned food; however, the food bank needs_    for the poor.
A. more          B. much          C. many                     D. most

14. Sit down and rest. You  need to           your energy for the tennis match this  afternoon.
A. leave                       B.  save                      C. hold             D. get

15. late in the morning, Bob turned off the alarm.
A. To sleep      B. Sleeping    C. Sleep          D.  Having slept.


1- A
3- B
4- A
5- C
6- B
7- D
8- B
9- A
10- C
11- D
12- D
13- A
14- B
15- B

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