English Grammar for Competitive Exam SSC CGL CHSL and Bank Exams

English Grammar for Competitive Exam: Hi friends in this post we discuss the English Grammar question with answers useful for the All The Competitive Exams like as SSCCGL, SSC CHSL, Railway, Bank Clerk, Bank PO and other Competitive Exams. These English Grammar Questions are asked in the previous year SSC Exams.

English Grammar for Competitive Exam

1. One of the consequences of our planet’s been warming up is A(n) _ in the number of natural disasters.
A. result           B. account       C. reason       D. increase

2. Those who change mobile phones frequently will pay a heavy price for being      .
A. graceful      B. fashionable           C. particular    D. feasible

3. Her talent and experience _         her to the respect of her colleagues.
A. permitted    B. qualified      C. deserved    D. entitled

4. The engine of the ship was out of order and the bad weather           the helplessness of the crew at sea.
A. added to    B. resulted from          C. turned out   D. made up

5. A farmer now holds sheep races on a regular basis, and during the past year over 10,000 people have to watch the race.
A. showed off  B. brought up  C. turned up  D. made up

6. The sales man said that   thief was a young man with            _ brown hair.
A. the —— a   B. the ——  C. a ———        D. a ——— a

7. Nowadays, people usually think if you enter a key university, you are  your parents’
A. pride          B. luck C. value           D. cheer

8. When Edison invented the light bulb, he tried over 2,000 experiments        he got it to work.
A. as    B. after                        C. when           D. before

9. The public transportation is very convenient in that big city, so  there _     be any difficulty in traveling around.
A. mustn’t        B. wouldn’t      C. shouldn’t   D. needn’t

10. It is reported that the FIFA World Cup in Germany.
A. would hold              B. will be held            C. is going to hold       D. is being held

11. It tells us to _____           hope even when coming across failure; try to learn something valuable from it
A. look for       B. call for       C. take up       D. give up

12. I     after Max, my pet dog, at home. He was ill.
A. have looked            B. was looking                      C. would look  D. give up

13. His mother worried that he spent too much time on the computer and not enough time
A. to study       B. study           C. studied        D. studying

14. I was shocked by the news, which made me realize terrible problems we would face.
A. how             B. which          C. what           D. that

15. Ang Lee won the best director Oscar at the 78th Academy Awards, _       the highest honor in American movie fields.
A. to consider              B. considering             C. Consider     D. considered

16. Today’s basketball match          as one of the most exciting matches that these   two teams have ever played.
A. regards       B. ranks          C. treats          D. thinks

17. Ebay, Amazon and Wal-Mart are popular websites   people can sell goods to each other.
A. where         B. which          C. when           D. whose

18. He is always helping people without expecting anything     .
A. in need        B. in fact          C. in danger    D. in return

19. With ticket prices rising, TV      over as the typical way of watching a game for the young and old.
A. has taken   B. had taken    C. was taken   D. is taken

20. I’m _____ a big journey. I’ll visit all the places of interest here
A. in                 B. at                 C. on               D. of


1 -  C
2 - B
3 - D
4- A
5- C
6 -  B
7 -  A
8 - D
9- C
10- B
11 - B
12 - B
13 - D
14- C
15- D
16 - B
17 - A
18 - D
19- A
20- C

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