Bank Exam Questions and Answers in English for competitive exams

Bank Exam Questions and Answers: Dear Students in this post we give the English Grammar questions asked in the all competitive exams. These questions are asked in the different examinations like as SSC GL, SSC CHSL, Railway, RRB NTPC, Bank Exams (PO, Clerk, SO officer) and all state common entrance test exams.

Bank Exam Questions and Answers English

Direction (1-5): Find out the error in the sentences given.

1. (A) No boy in the class / (B) is so tall / (C) as Raja. / (D) no error

2. (A) Raja is / (B) taller than / (C) any boy in the class./(D) no error

3. (A) Very few / (B) boy in the class / (C)are so tall as Raju. / (D) no error

4. (A) Rajah is taller than / (B) most students / (C) in the class. /(D) no error

5. (A) The price of rice(B) is higher / (C) than wheat. / (D) no error

Direction (6-14): Pick out the most effective word from the choices.

6. I found your diary after you —— the house.
(A) Left                        (B) had left      (C) were leaving         (D) would leave

7. Sydney Carton proposed to Lucio, but she ——— the offer of marriage.
(A) Turned down         (B) turned off  (C) turned on   (D) turned out

8. If he had applied for the post —————.
(A) He get it     (B) he will get it           (C) he will have got it  (D) he would have got it

9. We must ———— the lost time by hurrying up.
(A) make up for          (B) make for   (C) make out   (D) make up

10. A daily is a paper that ——— every day.
(A) Comes out            (B) comes by  (C) comes up  (D) comes of

11. Please ——— the lights before going to bed.
(A) Put off       (B) put out       (C) put on        (D) put in

12. He ——— his father rather than his mother.
(A) Takes in    (B) takes down            (C) takes off    (D) takes after

13. If the work men had not been tired, they ——— the work.
(A) Would have completed (B) would complete        (C) will complete         (D) will have completed

14. Hardly ——— see the picture.
(A) I can          (B) I could       (C) can I          (D) can’t I

Direction (15-20): Choose the correct word which very closely fits each definition.

15. One who hates mankind is a ———— .
(A) Philanthrope          (B) misanthrope          (C) cynic         (D) sadist

16. A cartographer makes ————.
(A) Maps         (B) cartoons    (C) cartons      (D) carts

17. A place where coins are made is called —————-—.
(A) Dock         (B) drapery      (C) mint           (D) granary

18. The study of human races is —-——-——.
(A) Human physiology   (B) Anatomy            (C) Anthropology        (D) None of these

19. The murder of one’s father is called —————-——.
(A) Genocide  (B) homicide   (C) suicide       (D) patricide

20. A person who knows many languages is called ——————.
(A) illiterate      (B) literate       (C) bilingual     (D) multilingual


1. A
2.  C
3. B
4. B
6. B
7.  A
8. C
9. A
10. A
11. B
12. D
13. A
14. C
15. B
16. A
17. C
18. C
19. D
20. D

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