Vedic Maths Tricks PDF in Hindi Download Simple Maths Tips For Competitive Exams

Vedic Maths Tricks Pdf In Hindi: Hi Friends in this post we give the information about the Vedic Maths Tricks useful for the all competitive exams like as the SBI, IBPS, Clerk, PO, SSC (CGL, CHSL, CPO, MTS, and FCI) exams. By using Vedic Maths Tricks we can easily calculate addition Tricks for the Large number, Multiplication tricks for large numbers, Large number subtraction tricks and Division tricks in Vedic Maths. In IBPS and SBI Bank Sector Jobs maximum numbers of questions are asked from the Simplifications like as percentage, Mixed number, fraction short cut tricks type of questions. Prepare this Vedic maths tricks for competitive exams pdf get the up to 20-30 marks in the written exam. All aspirants can download Vedic math formulas Tricks Pdf below enclose the links free.

Vedic Maths Tricks Pdf In Hindi Free Download

Vedic Maths is a fast way to calculate the complex calculations like as 975*961, 996*924 within 5 seconds below the time. Vedic mathematics pdf is useful for higher secondary school children’s and who are preparing for the competitive exams. Vedic maths tutorial pdf free download here. This Vedic Maths Tricks covered the following topics these are Multiplying by 11, how to find a number is divisible by 4 or not, Shortcuts for multiplying 12, adding Time, How to solve easily Algebra, calculus, and geometry.

Vedic Maths Trick PDF in Hindi PDF Download

Trick 1: Multiply any two numbers from 11 to 20 in your head.
We Take 19 × 13 for example… Place the larger no. first in your mind and then do something like this Take the larger no on the top and the second digit of the smaller no. in the bottom.
The rest is quite simple. Add 19+3 = 22. Then multiply 22 × 10 = 220
Now multiply the second digit of both the no.s  (ie; 9 × 3 = 27) Now add 220 + 27. 
Here is the answer 220 + 27 = 247. 

Think about it. This is a simple trick. It will help you a lot.
We give the example how to solve the Multiplication Vedic maths trick easily in the above example. Kevin free Vedic maths trick pdf in Hindi available here. Download official maths trick pdf file download from

How to practice Vedic mathematics made easy in Competitive exams

So many numbers of students and exam aspirants are suffering in entrance exam to solve the quantitative aptitude questions. Prepare this Vedic Mathematics Made easy pdf download and practice everyday student can easily solve the questions in competitive exams.

                             Vedic Maths Trick PDF in Hindi Download Here
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