SSC CGL General Awareness Questions 10000+ GK Quiz for SSC CGL & SSC CHSL

SSC CGL General Awareness Questions: Staff Selection Commission has released the notification for the combined graduate level 2017. SSC CGL is one of the most popular competitive exams in India. In this SSC CGL Recruitment so many different types of post vacancies in all over India. Here we give the SSC General Awareness questions for Tier 1 written test exam. The maximum number of candidates is searching on the web SSC CGL GK Questions And how to get easily more than 30+ marks in this General knowledge Topics. In CGL Tier 1 2017 written exam from this GA (General Awareness), topic 25 question asked for 50 marks Each Question having 2 marks. In below this article we give some of the Important tips for SSC CGL General Knowledge Tier 1 Preparation Tips.

SSC CGL General Awareness Questions with answers

1.  Aerenchyma tissues are found in?
A) Mesophyte
B) Pterophytes
C) Lithophytes
D) Hydrophytes
Answer: D

2. Villa men tissue in orchids are found in?
A) Shoot
B) Root
C) Leaf
D) Flower
Answer: B

3. Red litmus paper is changed into blue in a solution of?
A) Base
B) Acid
C) Salt
D) None
Answer: A

4. In the neutralization reaction product is?
A) Acid
B) Base
C) Salt & water
D) None
Answer: C

5. under the national rural employment guarantee scheme, the number of days for which employment guarantee during one year has been given is?
A) 90 days
B) 100 days
C) 120 days
D) 180 days
Answer: B

6. The national rural employment scheme was launched throughout the country from?
A) 1-4-2007
B) 2-10-2007
C) 14-11-2007
D) 1-4-2008
Answer: D

7. Which river crosses the equator twice?
A) Amazon
B) Congo
C) Nile
D) Orinoco
Answer: B

8. Which of the following pairs is not correctly matched?
A) Algeria-niger
B) Brazil-amazon
C) Iraq-Tigris
D) Myanmar-Irrawaddy
Answer: A

9. Which of the following Indians was appointed as deputy Diwan of Bihar by Robert Clive?
A) Omi chand
B) Manik chand
C) Rai DUR lab H
D) Raja shitab rai
Answer: D

10. Who was appointed deputy Diwan of Murshidabad (Bengal) by Robert Clive after the Allahabad treaty?
A) Mohd, Reza Khan
B) Raja shitab rai
C) Rai DUR lab H
D) Syed ghulam hussain
Answer: A

11. The best conductor of heat among the following is?
A) Alcohol
B) Mercury
C) Ether
D) Water
Answer: B

12. Metal teapots have wooden handles because?
A) Wood is a bad conductor of heat
B) It prevents electric shock
C) This gives beauty to the pots
D) It is hygienic
Answer: A

13. Which committee had first of all recommended three tier Panchayati Raj in India in 1957?
A) Balwant Rai Mehta Committee
B) Ashok Mehta Committee
C) Setalwad committee
D) Hanumantayya committee
Answer: A

14. The constitutional status has been given to panchayats under the article?
A) 219                                          
B) 226
C) 239
D) 243
Answer: D

15. Who was not a politician?
A) H.N.Bahuguna
B)  I.K.Gujral
C) S.L.Bahuguna
D) J.Jayalalitha
Answer: C

SSC CGL General Awareness Preparation Tips

In General Knowledge/ General Knowledge main topics are classified as the Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Polity, Geography and Economy. From all the topics total 25 questions asked for CGL Tier I online test. Maximum complete this General Awareness section within a 9-12 minutes times. Candidate can practice more SSC CGL practice sets for improving fast. 

SSC CGL General Knowledge All Quiz Links Below Available

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