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ICAR Admit Card 2017 Download: The Indian Council of Agriculture (ICAR) has invited the application for the Under Graduate (UG) and Post Graduate (PG) students’ admission test conducted by the AIEEA (All India Entrance Examination for Admission). A large number of students are applied for this entrance exam in all over India successfully. The ICAR written Exams held on the 10th June 2017 For UG Students and 11th June 2017 For PG Students. All ICAR UG and PG Entrance Exam applied students can download the ICAR AIEEA Admit card 2017 from the Below Enclosed links or Official website of ICAR icar.org.in.

ICAR Admit Card 2017 Download

All India Entrance Exam for Admission (AIEEA) is the biggest entrance exam conducted in India. For ICAR Entrance Test 2017 Notification given the in the month of March. June 10th and June 11th conducted the entrance exam for UG and PG student’s entrance exams. All applied candidate can download the ICAR Admit Card/ ICAR Hall ticket 2017 Download below the links or Official website.

How to Download ICAR Call Letter 2017

All applied candidates can go the official website icar.org.in
Home page displayed on the Screen.
In that ICAR UG & PG Entrance Test Admit card link available.
Click on the link enter the required details like as register number, mobile number, date of birth etc….
Admit Card Display on the screen.
Save the Call letter and take a print for further reference.
Without These ICAR Admit card candidates not allow for the written exam.

ICAR AIEEA UG and PG Entrance Test Syllabus 2017

ICAR AIEEA Entrance test conducts the 180 marks. For total 3 Sectional wise questions are asked in the ICAR Entrance Test 2017.

Name Of The Subject
Total Marks
60 M
60 M
Biology (or) Agriculture (or) Mathematics
60 M
Total Marks
180  Marks

For Stream A: Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (or Agriculture)
For Stream B: Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.

Physics: ICAR AIEEA Entrance Exam one of the section is Physics. From this section total 60 questions are asked in the Physics Section. Maximum number of Questions is asked from the following topics.

Atoms & Nuclei, Behavior of Perfect Gas and Kinetic Theory, Communication Systems, Current Electricity, Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation, Electromagnetic waves, Electronic Devices, Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Currents, Electrostatics, Energy and Power, Gravitation, Kinematics, Laws of Motion, Motion of System of Particles and Rigid Body, Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism, Optics, Oscillations and Waves, Properties of Bulk Matter, Physical World and Measurement, Thermodynamics, Work.

Some of the Important Questions for ICAR AIEEA Entrance Exams

1. Thermo flask prevents heat loss by?
A) Radiation
B) Conduction
C) Convection
D) All of the above
Answer: D

2. If the temperature of a hot body is increased by 50% the amount of radiation emitted by it increases approximately by?
A) 225%
B) 250%
C) 400%
D) 500%
Answer: C

3. The mechanical equivalent of heat J is?
A) A constant
B) A physical quantity
C) A conversion factor
D) None of these
Answer: C

4. What is the principle by which a cooling system (Radiator) in a motor car works?
A) Conduction only
B) Convection
C) Radiation only
D) Both conduction and radiation
Answer: B

5. Which one of the following is true for the flow of water from high level to low level (at constant temperature and pressure)?
A) G=0
B) G=1
C) G<0
D) G<1
Answer: C

Chemistry: ICAR 2017 Entrance Exams Chemistry syllabus is given below. Total 60 questions are asked from the Sections.

Alcohols, Aldehydes, Bimolecular, Chemistry in Everyday life, Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry, Compounds , Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure, Coordination, Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties, Chemical Kinetics, Elements (Alkali and Alkaline earth metals), Equilibrium, Environmental Chemistry, Electrochemistry, Group 14 elements, Hydrocarbons, Hydrogen, Haloalkanes and Haloarenes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids, Organic Chemistry, Organic compounds containing Nitrogen, Polymer, Phenols and Ethers, Preparation and properties of some important compound, Redox Reaction, s-Block, Some p-Block Elements, Solid State, Solutions, Structure of Atom, States of Matter: Gases and Liquids, Thermodynamics.

Some of the Important Chemistry GK Questions

1. The chief constituent of water glass is?
A) Calcium silicate
B) Sodium silicate
C) Magnesium silicate
D) Silicic acid
Answer: B

2. The principal constituent of Pyrex glass?
A) Zn
B) Pb
C) Cd
D) B
Answer: D

3. The important ore of lead is?
A) Cassiterite
B) Siderite
C) Haematite
D) Galena
Answer: D

4. Elements showing maximum inert pair effect is?
A) Zero
B) 20
C) 40
D) 80
Answer: A

5. Quartz is a crystalline variety of?
A) Silicon
B) Silicon carbide
C) Sodium silicate
D) Silica
Answer: D

Biology: The flowing topics maximum numbers of questions are asked in the Biology Sections. From this section also 60 marks.

Application of Biology, Continuity of Life, Diversity of Life, Multicellularity: Structure and Function – Animal Life, Multicellularity: Structure and Function – Plant Life, Organisms, and Environment, Origin and Evolution of Life, The Living World, Unit of Life.

Some of the Biology Competitive Exams Asked Questions

1. Yeast, used in making bread is a?
A) Fungus
B) Bacteria
C) Plant
D) Seed
Answer: A

2. Fungi which grow on cow dung are called?
A) Saxcoles
B) Corticoles
C) Coprophilous
D) Zoophilous
Answer: C

3. The disease late blight of potato is caused by?
A) Fusarium oxysporum
B) Alternaria solani
C) Albuigo candiada
D) Phytophthora infestans
Answer: D

4. The antibiotic penicillin was first discovered by?
A) Louis pasteur
B) Robert koch
C) Alexzander fleming
D) S.Waksman
Answer: C

5. LSD is obtained from?
A) Bacteria
B) Fungi
C) 2,4-D
D) Alcohol
Answer: C

Mathematics: Algebra, Coordinate Geometry, Calculus, Dynamics, Linear Programming, Mathematical Reasoning, Statistics & Probability, Statics, Sets and Functions, Vectors and Three-Dimensional Geometry.

Agriculture: Agrometeorology, Biochemistry, and Microbiology, Crop Production, Horticulture, Genetics and Plant Breeding, Livestock Production.

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