Computer Knowledge Questions for Competitive Exams Computer Awareness Bits

Computer Knowledge Questions for Competitive Exams: Now a day’s Computer Knowledge questions are asked in the every competitive exam state and central level examinations. Mostly in banking sector government written test exams Computer Awareness Topic are placed a key role in success in getting a Bank Job. Every aspirant easily getting the high score from this topic Computer knowledge. Here we give the Computer questions for the Competitive Exams below.

Computer Knowledge Questions for Competitive Exams

1. The primary output device for computers is a ………….
A) Video monitor
B) Printer
C) Keyboard
D) Mouse
Answer: A

2. Soft copy refers to ……………
A) Printed output
B) Music sounds
C) Screen output
D) Digitizing
Answer: C

3. A button that makes characters either upper or lower case and numbers to symbols ……
A) Monitor
B) Shift key
C) Icon
D) Mouse
Answer: B

4. Powerful key that lets you exit a program when pushed ………
A) Arrow key
B)  Space bar
C) Escape key
D) Return key
Answer: C

5. The ………. Takes on different shapes depending on the task you are performing ………
A) Active tab
B) Insertion point
C) Mouse pointer
D) Ribbon
Answer: C

6. Digital photos and scanned images are typically stored as … graphics with extensions such as  .bmp, .png, .jpg, .tif, or .gif.
A) Vector
B) Bitmap
C) Either vector or bitmap
D) Neither vector nor bitmap
Answer: B

7. Mr. X has no printer to print his report. He wants to take it to Mr. Y’s computer because Mr.Y has a printer Mr. X could save his report on a?
A) Keyboard
B) Piece of paper
C) Scanner
D) Floppy disk
Answer: D

8. Data gathering in computer means, they allow using data?
A) Present
B) Input
C) Output
D) Store
Answer: D

9. Storage device found inside the computer ……..
B) Zip disk
C) Super Disk
D) Hard disk
Answer: D

10. A disk on which you store information ……….
A) Plate
B) Data disc
C) Paper disk
D) TV disk
Answer: B

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How to Prepare Competitive Exams

Maximum numbers of candidates are searching on the web How to prepare competitive exams. Here we give some of the useful tips for preparing latest government job in India. 

1. Download the official notification from the examination.

2. Check the all details how many vacancies and how many posts for your applicable.

3. Download the complete exam syllabus of the particular written exam.

4. Chose the right books for the preparation.

5. Don’t buy a large number of books for a single topic.

6. Maintain the shorts notes for the important topics.

7. Practice and Revision the number of time before the examination.

Follow above the simple tips you can successes in the competitive exams.
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