Biology Questions and Answers 100 Most Important Biology GK Bits

Biology Questions and Answers: Biology Multiple Choice Questions with Answers are given below. Biology GK Quiz Questions Asked In All Competitive Exams Like as SSC CGl, SSC CHSL, Railway, RRB NTPC, SSCC CPO and All-State Public Service Commission Exams. Every Exam from This Biology Topic More Than 3-5 Marks coming to this section. Our team also provides the BIOLOGY GK Quiz For SSC CGL Exams.

In the above most important Biology GK questions asked in the different type of competitive exams links are enclosed by click on the link can practice all Biology Question and Answers useful for the competitive exams.

Biology Questions and Answers for Competitive exams

1.  Fishes die out of water because …
A) They get more oxygen
B) Temperature of body increased
C) They cannot respire
D) They cannot walk in water
Answer: C

2. Amphibians are the animals who …….
A) Live in water
B)  Only live in land
C) They live both on land and water
D) None of these
Answer: C

3. How many chambers are found in the heart of frog …….
A) 2
B) 3
C) 4
D) 5
Answer: B

4. Tear gland is not found in ...
A) Man
B) Dog
C) Ox
D) Crocodile
Answer: D

5. Penguin is found only in ...
A) Asia
B) Africa
C) Antarctica
D) America
Answer: C

6. The snake that makes their nest ...
A) Chain Viper
B) King Cobra
C) Krait
D) Shaw scaled viper
Answer: B

7. Animal who became extinct recently ……
A) Draco
B) Dinosaurs
C) Tetradactyly
D) Mamtha
Answer: B

8. Among the following animals choose the one having three pairs of legs …..
A) Spider
B) Scorpion
C) Bug
D) Mite
Answer: C

9. Which one of following bird had teeth?
A) Ostrich
B) Archaeopteryx
C) Penguin
D) Parrot
Answer: B

10. Bat can fly during night because they produced ……
A) Ultrasonic wave
B) Soundwave
C) Ultraviolet wave
D) Infra red wave
Answer: A

Biology Important Questions for Competitive Exams

In competitive exams From the section of biology questions from the topics are Cell, Carbohydrates, Proteins, Vitamins, DNA, RNA, Fats, Mitosis, Meiosis, Inheritance,  Human Genome product, Genetic Disorders, Diseases- Microbes, Beneficial Microbes, Tissues, Evolution, Classification, Plant Parts, Planate, Plant Tissues, Plant Nutrition’s, Plant Reproduction, Animal Classification, and Biotech etc….

Are you searching for the Biology Quiz Questions asked in the SSC CGL Previous years here we give the links for the all the Biology competitive exams questions with answers.

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