International Summits 2017 List Pdf - Summits To Be Held In 2017

Hi Friends Today We Are Providing Latest International Summits 2017 List Pdf.These Summits are To Be Held In This Year And These Summits Venue, Hosting Country,Policies Made In This Summits And Moto Of This Summits And Dates Are Very Important For Every Competitive Exam Like UPSC IAS,Bank Exams,SSC MTS,RRB ALP,Non technical,SSC CGL Tier 1 & Tier 2,IBPS PO’s,Clerk Exams. Examiner Asked Atleast One Question From This Summits For Every Year In Above Mentioned Exams. So Dear Aspirants Prepare These International Summits 2017 List Atleast Once Before The Examination.

Important Summits Held In India 2017

  • International Summit on “Yoga for Diabetes” – New Delhi (January 2017)
  • National Women’s Parliament – Andhra Pradesh (March 8)
  • International Spice Summit- Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala (Feb 2017)
  • International Coin Fair –Kerala (Feb 2017)
  • South Asian Speakers Summit – 18 FEB 2017
  • Mobile World Congress 2017 – India
  • International Buddhist Summit – Rajgir,Bihar
  • International Diamond Conference 2017 –Mumbai
  • World Conference On Environment 2017 – New Delhi
  • ICEGOV 2017(International Summit On Theory And Practice Of Electronic Governance) – New Delhi
  • Global  Exhibition On Services (GES 2017) – New Delhi
  • International Summit On Dara Shikoh – New Delhi
  • Commonwealth Forestry Summit 2017 – Uttarakhand
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These Above List Of Summits Held In 2017 Are Very Important For Upcoming Competitive Exams

International Summits 2017 List Pdf - Summits To Be Held In 2017 

Venue & Country
G8 (Present 7 Countries Only)Recently G8 Cancel Russia Membership
43Th G7 Summit At Taormina,Italy
Held On 27 May 2017
Consists Of The Eight Most Industrialised Nations of the World.USA,Britain,France,italy,Canada,Japan,Germany.
The Presidents & Prime Minsters Of These Countries Meet Anually To Discuss Economic Issues And World Political Problems
ADB (Asian Development Bank) 5oth Summit
ADB Summit 2017: YOKOHAMA,Japan.
4-7 May 2017
Head Quarter: Manila, Philippines.
ADB Has Total 67 Member Couries – 48 Asian Countries And 19 Non Regional Coutries
To Preserve The Member Coutries,Integrity,sovereignty in the face of external threats.
ASEAN(Association Of South East Asain Nations
30th Summit
26-29 April 2017
Established In 1967
Head Quarter: Jakartha,Indonesia.
Member Coutries:
To Accelerate Economic Progress And Maintain The Economic Stability Of South East Asia
NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation
Nato Summit 2017 –Brussels,Belgium
Total 48 Member Countries
HQ: Belgium,1949
The Members Agreed ToSettle Disputes By Peaceful Means, To Develop Tier Individual And Collective Capacity To Resist Armed
BIMSTEC(Bay Of Bengal Initiative For Muliti Sectoral Technical And Economic Cooperation)
4Th BIMSTEC Summit  2017 Held On Nepal
Established In 2004
Total Member Coutries: 7
To Promote Economic Cooperation.The Forum Known As
BRICS Summit
9th BRICS Summit- Sep3-5 ,2017.Xiamen,China
10th BRICS Summit-South Africa
Formed In 2008
Total Members : 5
Brazil,Russia,India,China,South Africa
BRICS Helps To Improve Cultural, Economical,Political Co-operation Between Their Member Countries
SAARC(South Asian Association For Regional Cooperation)
19th SAARC Summit-Islamabad,Pakstan(2014)
20th SAARC Summit 2018- Afghanistan
21st SAARC Summit - Bangladesh
Formed In 1985
HQ: Katmandu,Nepal
Members – 8 Countries
20th saarc summit was held in Afghanistan Country
To Promote The Welfare Of The People Of South Asia
To Strengthen Cooperation With Other Developing Coutries
To Improve Security Environment In The Region
NAM(Non Aligned Movment))
17th NAM Summit 2016-Porlamar,Venezuela
18th NAM Summit 2019-Azerbaijan
It Is World Largest Forum After The UNO
Formed In 1961
Members: 120 Coutries
To Keep Away From The Power Blocks
To Keep Close Terms Of Friendship With All Coutries
To Have Friendship And Cooperation With Both USA &USSR
24TH CHOGM 2015 – Malta
25th CHOGM 2018 – United Kingdom
26th CHOGM 2020-Malasia
Chair – PM Of UK
Formed In 1926
Members -52 Coutries
CHOGM Headquarter - Marlborough House, London
The Member Countries Are The Sovereign And Independent States Which Were Earlier Parts of The British Empire During Colonial Era

NSS(Nuclear Security Summit)
3rd Nuclear Security Summit 2014- The Hague
4th NSS Sumit 2016- Washington, D.C
5th NSS Summit 2018 – Update Soon
Formed In 2009
Members: 58 Coutries

Nuclear Security Summit Is A International Summit. The Main Aim Of The NSS Is To Protect & Prevent Nuclear Terrorsim In World
G-20(Group Of Twenty Coutries)
11th G- 20 Summit 2016 –China
12th G 20 Summit 2017 – Germany
13th G-20 Summit 2018 – Argentina, Buenos Aires
14th G-20 Summit 2019 – India
Update: Due To General Elections 2019 In India, India Will Withdraw To Host 14th G-20 Summit
Formed In 2003
HQ: Cancun, Mexico
Members: 20 Coutries
It Aims To BringTogether Systematically,Important Industrialised and devloping Economics To Discuss Key IssuesIn The Global Economy
APEC(Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation) Summits
28th APEC Summit 2016 – Peru, Lima
29 APEC Summit 2017 – Vietnam
30th APEC Summit 2018 -  Papua New Guinea
31st Summit 2019 -  Chile
32 APEC Summit 2020 - Malaysia      
33rd APEC Summit 2021 -  New Zealand          
34 APEC Summit 2022 –  Thailand     
35 APEC Summit 2023 -   Mexico                   
36 Summit 2024 -   Brunei                    
37 APEC Summit 2025 - 
38th APEC Summit 2026 -  Peru 
39th APEC Summit 2027 -
Formed In 1989
HQ: Singapore
Member Coutries:21
Australia, Vietnam ,Canada, Taiwan ,Brunei, Chile, , United States,china, , Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, Philippines, New Zealand, Russia, Thailand
To Promote Free Trade in Asia Pacific Area.The 21 Costline Countries Of Pacific Ocean Are Presently Mebers In APEC
World Economic Forum
World Economic Forum-2017 : Davos,Switzerland
Formed In 1971
HQ: Geneva
To Improve The State Of The World By Engaging Leaders In Partnerships To Shape Global
Motto : “Enterpreneurship In The Global Public Interest”

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