SSC MTS History Practice bits Previoues years question papers free download

SSC MTS History Practice bits: Staff Selection commission has announced the exam date for the MTS is 16th April 2017, 07th May 2017 to 30th May 2017. All applied aspirants are searching in online previous years asked questions and free pdf files download. Here we give the some of the important practice bits in history topic. These all bits are asked in the different competitive exams in previous years. History practice bits are useful for the SSC MTS 2017 written examination. In this below article we give the most important asked questions in history.

1.Who built the khajuraho temples?
A) Holkars
B) Scindias
C) Bundela
D) Chandela
Answer: D

2. Arabs were defeated in 738 AD by?
A) Pratiharas
B) Rashtrakutas
C) Palas
D) Chalukyas
Answer: A

3. Who among the following rajputa kings defeated muhammadghori for the first time?
A) Prithviraj III
B) Baghelbhim
C) Jaichanda
D) Kumarpal
Answer: A

4. Who constructed the world famous jagannath temple at puri?
A) Krishnavarman
B) Anantvarman
C) Devavarman
D) None of these
Answer: A

5. Alberuni lived during the period of which one of the following?
A) Mahmud ghaznavi
B) Mohammad ghori
C) Alauddinkhalji
D) Firuzshahtuqhlaq
Answer: A

6. Jaideva, the famous author of gitagobinda was the court poet of?
A) Harsha
B) Prithvirajchauhan
C) Lakshmanasena
D) None of these
Answer: C

7. Who founded four mathas in the four corners of india?
A) Shankaracharya
B) Ramanujacharya
C) Bhaskaracharya
D) Madhvacharya
Answer: A

8. The lingaraja temple built during the medieval period is at?
A) Bhubaneswar
B) Khajuraho
C) Madurai
D) Mount abu
Answer: A

9. Who fought the battle of waihind (1009 AD)?
A) Anandpala and mahmudghazanavi
B) Jayapala and muhmmadghori
C) Prithvirajchauhan and muhammadghori
D) Jaichandra and bakhtiyarkhalji
Answer: A

10. The temple of somnath which was destroyed by mahmud of ghazni (mahmudghazanavi) was dedicated to lord?
A) Siva
B) Vishnu
C) Surya
D) Ganapati
Answer: A

11. In india, the first to put forward the theory that the earth revolves round the sun was?
A) Aryabhatta
B) Brahmagupta
C) Bana
D) Kalhana
Answer: A

12. The sun temple of konark was built by narasimhadeva I. To which dynasty he belong to?
A) Somvansi dynasty
B) Gang dynasty
C) Suryavansi dynasty
D) Bhoi dynasty
Answer: B

13. Which one of the following is NOT a feature of north indian temple architecture?
A) Shikara
B) Garbhagriha
C) Gopuram
D) Pradakshina-path
Answer: C

14. Who among the following is well known for his contribution in the field of algebra?
A) Aryabhatta
B) Brahmagupta
C) Bhaskara
D) Lalla
Answer: C

15. The presiding deity of bhojshala temple is ?
A) Goddess durga
B) Goddess laxmi
C) Goddess saraswati
D) Goddess parvati
Answer: C 
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