RRB NTPC 2nd Stage Important History Bits Previous Years Asked Questions

RRB NTPC 2nd Stage Important History Bits: Railway Recruitment Board conducted the Non-Technical popular categories (NTPC) 2nd Stage written examination in the month January 2017. Here we give the most important bits for RRB NTPC history bits. All questions are relegated to previous years asked questions with solutions.

1. Which of the following places is associated with jainism?
A) Kapilvastu
B) Pava
C) Prayag
D) Shravasti
Answer: A

2. Who was the author of buddha charita
A) Asvaghosha
B) Nagasena
C) Nagarjuna
D) Vasumitra

3. Who is also known as nigantha nataputra?
A) Vardhamana mahavira
B) Gautam buddha
C) Nagarjuna
D) Shankaracharya
Answer: A

4. The principle that distinguishes jainism from buddhism is the?
A) Practice of the eight-fold path
B) Rejection of the infallibility of the vedas
C) Attributrion of a soul to all beings and things
D) Belief in rebirth
Answer: C

5. Buddha lived approximately at the same time as?
A) Confucius
B) Moses
C) Prophet mohammad
D) Hammurabi
Answer: A

6. Buddha’s prechings were mainly related to?
A) Belief in one god
B) Practice of rituals
C) Purity of thought and conduct
D) Idol worship
Answer: C

7. The third vehicle in buddhism was known as?
A) Mahasanghika
B) Zen
C) Vajrayana
D) None of these
Answer: C

History Important Bits

8. Which state is called the cradle of buddhism?
A) Sikkim
B) Bihar
C) Uttar pradesh
D) Madhya pradesh
Answer: C

9. Who of the following was a contemporary of gautama buddha?
A) Bhadrabahu
B) Chadragupta maurya
C) Parsvanath
D) Vardhaman mahavira
Answer: D

10. Gandara school of art came into existence in?
A) Hinayana sect
B) Mahayana sect
C) Vaishanava sect
D) Shaiva sect
Answer: B

11. With reference to indian literary works, what is digha nikaya?
A) An important buddhist text in pali
B) Miscellaneous work in prose and verse associated with mudrarakshasha
C) Collection of long sermons ascribed to mahavira
D) Collection of short stories ascribed to kautilya
Answer: A

12. Which one of the following is NOT included in the eight fold path of buddhism?
A) Right speech
B) Right contemplation
C) Right desire
D) Right conduct
Answer: C

13. Where did gautama buddha delivered his first sermon,known as dharma chakra pravartan?
A) Sanchi
B) Sarnath
C) Sravasti
D) Bodh gaya
Answer: B

14. Who among the following taught the doctrine of shunyata(shunyavad)?
A) Nagarjuna
B) Shankaracharya
C) Harisena
D) Vallabhacharya
Answer: A

15. Who of the following kings was an ardent follower of jainism?
A) Bimbisara
B) Mahapadmananda
C) Kharavela
D) Pulkeshin II
Answer: C
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