Basic Computer Knowledge Questions And Answers For Bank Exams

Basic Computer Knowledge:Aspirants Who Preparing For IBPS PO,Clerk, IBPS RRB,SBI,RBI,LIC Exams Are Know Computer Knowledge Section Plays Important Role In Success. Today We Are Providing Basic Computer Knowledge Questions And Answers For ALL Bank Exams. We( Will Also Post basic computer knowledge in hindi In Next Couple Days.These Computer Awareness Questions And Answers Are Divided Into 20 Practice Sets.Aspirants Of Bank Jobs Read This 20 Practice Sets Repeatedly bcoz Most Of The Computer Knowledge Questions Asked From These Computer Awareness Questions And Answers.

Basic Computer Knowledge Questions And Answers For Bank Exams

TOP 100 Important Basic Computer Knowledge Questions And Answers Posted Below The Post.These Computer Awareness Questions Are Asked Repetedly In IBPS Clerk,SBI PO,IBPS PO,RBI Grade Officer,IBPS RRB Clerk,LIC,IBPS PO Exams. Top 80 basic computer knowledge questions and answers in hindi Will Also Uploded In This Post Next 5-7 Days.  

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TOP 100 Important Computer Knowledge Questions And Answers

Dear Readers

        Here We(ssc-ibps) Publish 100 Important Computer Knowledge Questions And Answers For Bank Exams.These  Computer Awareness Questions Asked In Previous Bank And Other Competitive Exams(IBPS,RRB,Railway,SSC,UPSC,MPSC,APPSC,TNPSC,KSPSC,TSPSC,MAHAGenco,RBI,LIC,Rural Bank Exams).Some Of The Computer Questions Are Asked Repetedly In Every Exam.If You Serious Aspirant Of Bank Exams Don’t Neglect These Computer Knowledge Questions.

  • File extension of MS-Word document is - .doc
  • XML stands for - Extensible Markup Language
  • Linux is a (n)__operating system – open source
  • Permanent magnetic disk is called – HDD (Hard Disk Drive)
  • Bar is located at top of WordPad – Title bar
  • EEPROM stands for - electrically erasable programmable read-only memory
  • Internet word .com is related to --- Commercial Organization
  • Track ball is which device --- Pointing Device
  • UNIVAC is an example of which generation Computers? --- 1st generation computer
  • SMTP, FTP and DNS are applications of the ____ layer. – Application layer
  • Father Of Internet - Vint Cerf
  • WWW stands for - World Wide Web
  • Founder of Bluetooth - Ericson
  • One Giga Byte= 1 Billion Bytes
  • first super computer of India – PARAM 8000
  • USB - Universal Serial Bus
  • Which One Is Not A Search Engine Yahoo,Opera,Baidu,Bing – Opera
  • TCP/IP Stands For - Transmission Control Protocol And Internet Protocol
  • Mpeg Stands For - Moving Picture Expert Group
  • Program in ROM – bios
  • Virus Full Form - Vital Information Resources Under Siege
  • CDMA Full Form- Code Division Multiple Access
  • HTML Full Form – Hyper Text Markup Language
  • Mozilla Is a –Web Browser
  • Ascii  Stands For – American Standards Code For Information Interchange
  • Biggest among TB,KB,MB, GB– TB
  • Oracle is a – RDBMS(Relational Data Base Management System)
  • Volatile memory- RAM(Random Access Memory)
  • Which one is not a network LAN,WAN,RAN- RAN
  • PDF Full Form - Portable Document Format
  • CDs or DVDs Are – Storage Devices
  • URL Full Form -Uniform Resource Locator
  • How Many Function Keys Available In Keyboard – 12
  • CSS - Cascading Style Sheets
  • How Many Layers In OSI- Seven Layers
  • GUI – Grphical User Interface
  • GPS Full Form - Global Positioning System
  • FTP- File Transfer Protocol
  • Identify not a image/graphic file format (PNG,JPEG,GIF,GUI)- GUI
  • Odd One Out(Printer,Mouse,Scanner,Mic) – Printer
  • One Megabyte Equals To – 1024 Kilobyes
  • Computer Virus is a – Software
  • SITE - Satellite Instructional Television Experiment
  • ADSL - Asymmetric digital subscriber line
  • Man  Full Form – Meteropolitan Area Network
  • In MS Word which combination is used for To bold the letters – CTRL+ B
  • IC chip Made Of – Silica
  • ALU - Arithmetic logic unit
  • CMOS Full Form – Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor
  • BIOS is used for – Loading operating system
  • MS Office is type of – Application software
  • Bit Short For – Binary Digit

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