SSC CGL GK Questions Asked In 30-08-2016

SSC CGL GK Questions Asked In 30-08-2016 

SSC CGL GK Questions Asked In 30-08-2016
SSC CGL GK Questions Asked In 30-08-2016 

Now Com pleated the ssc cgl-2016 30th august Shift - 1 and Shift - 2. so many candidates are attempted the ssc cgl exams. in this exam is conducted the staff selection board. ssc cgl exam is conducted the thorough over India. at now we are providing the morning shift and evening shift Gk questions asked in the SSC CGL - 2016 Exams.

1. Find Odd one? Agra, Darjeeling, Shimla, Ooty
Ans. Agra

2. Euro Cup 2016 Winner is?
Ans. Portugal

3. When did french revolution begin?
Ans. 1789

4. Maximum thorium reserve in which country?
Ans. India

5. United Nations established in which year?
Ans. 24 October 1945

6. Morphology of chromosome can be best observed in which stage of cell division?
Ans. Metaphase stage

7. First viceroy who died in India?
Ans. Lord Mayo

8. Which of the following range parallel to the Indian Coastline?
Ans. Western Ghats (also known as Sahyadri)

9. Who is called the blade runner?

Ans. Oscar Pistorius

10. Vande Mataram song has been taken from which Book?
Ans. Anandamath

11. What is the full form of WEP?
Ans. Wired Equivalent Privacy

12. Which county allows human euthanasia?
Ans. Netherlands

13. Unit of radioactive?
Ans. Curie

14. Father of Abul Fazal?
Ans. Shail Mubarak

15. Which is called quicklime ?
Ans. Cao (Calcium oxide)

16. When was the UNO established?
Ans- 1945

17. Pandit Shivkumar Sharma play which instrument?
Ans-  Santoor

18. Quartz is made of which element?
Ans- Silica

19. First woman president of Congress
Ans – Annie Besant

20. What is Silica gel?

21. If no atmosphere than what is the colour of the sky? 
Ans: Black

22. The partition of congress was done in which session-
Ans: Surat Split

23. Ozone layer protects earth from which rays - 
Ans: UV

24. Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) submit his reports to whom? 
Ans: President

25. Shiva Thapa is associated with which sports? -
Ans: Boxing

26. Which country exited from European countries 
Ans: Britain

27. Palk strait separate which country 
Ans: India & Srilanka

28. First Council of Budhha 
Ans: Rajgriha

29. HCL acid present in which digestive organ - 
Ans: Stomach

30. Birju Maharaj related to 
Ans: Kathak dance

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