Chemistry Online GK Questions For SSC CGL,SSC CHSL,Railway Exams

Chemistry online General Knowledge (GK) Questions for SSC CGL, SSC CHSl, Railway, Army, APPSC, TSPSC, And State Public Service Commission exams (PSE). In all competitive exams this chemistry is very useful for in every competitive exams.

In these chemistry vitamins are most important topic. In vitamins topic every exams one two marks are coming from this topic. Vitamins are plays a key role in every exams like as ssc cgl,  ssc chsl, railway, rrb ntpc, all state public service examinations (PSE).   

1. Which of the following has magnesium?
A) Testosterone
B) Estrone
C) Estradiol
D) Cortisone
Answer: C

2. Insulin is secreted from?
A) Thyroid
B) Pancreas
C) Adrenal body
D) None of these
Answer: B

3. Glucose is a party of?
A) Pentose sugar
B) Tetrose sugar
C) Hexose sugar
D) Diose sugar
Answer: C

4. Amino acids are building blocks of?
A) Carbohydrates
B) Fats
C) Proteins
D) Vitamins
Answer: C

5. Deficiency of vitamin E causes?
A) Beri-beri
B) Scurvy
C) Antifertility
D) None of these
Answer: C

6. The number of amino acids which from proteins in nature are about?
A) 6
B) 10
C) 15
D) 20
Answer: D

7. Which one is not the essential constituent of balanced diet?
A) Hormones
B) Carbohydrates
C) Fats
D) Vitamins
Answer: A

8. The digestion of fat in intestine is aided by?
A) Diffusion
B) Peptization
C) Emulsification
D) Neutralization
Answer: C

9. The human body does not produce?
A) Vitamins
B) Enzymes
C) Proteins
D) Hormones
Answer: A

10. Hydrolysis of cane sugar is called?
A) Saponification
B) Hydration
C) Inversion
D) Esterification
Answer: C

11. Which of the following base is found only in RNA and not in DNA?
A) Cytosine
B) Guanine
C) Adenine
D) Thymine
Answer: D

12. Amino acids present in insulin are?
A) 21
B) 51
C) 30
D) 102
Answer: B

13. Which has the maximum protein?
A) Groundnut
B) Cow-milk
C) Egg
D) Wheat
Answer: A

14. The most important energy carrier in the living cell is?
Answer: D

15. Yeast is?
A) Bacteria
B) Antibiotic
C) Virus
D) Fungi
Answer: C

16. Which plrotein is main constituent of milk?
A) Casein
B) Insulin
C) Myosine
D) Keratin
Answer: A

17. Proteins give purple colour with?
A) Benedict’s reagent
B) Iodine solution
C) Ninhydrin reagent
D) Biuret
Answer: C

18. Keratin, a fibrous protein is present in?
A) Hair and nails
B) Wool
C) Skin
D) All of these
Answer: D

19. A metal which can form a complex with insulin is?
A) Copper
B) Iron
C) Zinc
D) Cobalt
Answer: C

20. Enzymes?
A) Accelerate bio-chemical reactions
B) Consist of amino acids
C) Have optimum activity at body temperature
D) Have all thee properties
Answer: D

21. The function of enzymes in the living system is to?
A) Transport oxygen
B) Provide immunity
C) Catalyse bio-chemical reactions
D) Provide energy
Answer: C

22. The vitamin which is water soluble and antioxidant is?
A) Vitamin C
B) Vitamin B
C) Vitamin E
D) Vitamin D
Answer: D

23. Rickets is caused due to the deficiency of?
A) Vitamin A
B) Vitamin B
C) Vitamin C
D) Vitamin D
Answer: D

24. Vitamin D is also known as?
A) Ascorbic acid
B) Growth vitamin
C) Reproductive vitamin
D) Sunshine vitamin
Answer: D

25. Vitamin C is?
A) Alcohol
B) Amide
C) Amine
D) Lactone
Answer: D

26. Vitamin D is?
A) Calciferol
B) Ergosterol
C) Tocoferol
D) Pyridoxine
Answer: A

27. Beri-beri is caused due to?
A) Vitamin A
B) Vitamin B
C) Vitamin C
D) Vitamin D
Answer: B

28. A vitamin which plays a vital role in the coagulating property of blood is?
A) Vitamin A
B) Vitamin D
C) Vitamin E
D) Vitamin K
Answer: D

29. The energy stored in the cells of a living body is in the form of?
A) Fats
B) Glucose
D) Proteins
Answer: C

30. Charring of sugar is due to?
A) Oxidation
B) Reduction
C) Dehydration
D) Reduction and hydration
Answer: C  

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