SSC CGL Online - 2016 Exam History GK Questions

1. Gandhi’s intervention in the ahmedabad mill strike in 1918 resulted in the enhancement of wages for the workers by?
A) 10%
B) 15%
C) 25%
D) 35%
Answer: D

2. The main grievance of the peasants in the champaran satyagraha (1971) was regarding the?
A) Abwabs on illegal taxes
B) Oppression of the landlords
C) Land revenue demands
D) Tinkathiya systems
Answer: D

3. Who among the following indian freedom fighters made an attempt to estimate the per capita income of india?
A) Gopal krishna gokhle
B) Feroz shah mehta
C) Surendranath banerjee
D) Dadabhai naoroji
Answer: D

4. Under which one of the following systems of assessment, the british government collected revenue directly from the farmers?
A) Zamindari
B) Ryotwari
C) Annawari
D) Desaiwari
Answer: B

5. Who among the following has started the public works department in india in 1848?
A) Lord william bentick
B) Lord dalhousie
C) Lord wellesley
D) Lord cornwallis
Answer: B

6. In which of the following years was the first railway line between bombay and thane laid?
A) 1853
B) 1854
C) 1856
D) 1858
Answer: A

7. The cause of decline of textile industries in 18th century in bengal was?
A) Decline in quality of production
B) Non-availability of raw material
C) High tariff rates on exports to britain
D) Non-avaliability of craftsmen
Answer: C

8. First railway line were laid down in india under which british governor?
A) Lord dalhousie
B) Lord curzon
C) Lord wellesley
D) Lord lytton
Answer: A

9. Who is the exponent of the theory of economic drain of india during the british rule?
A) Dadabhai naoroji
B) M.N.Roy
C) Jai prakash narayan
D) Ram manohar lohiya
Answer: A

10. Who autored the book poverty and the un-british rule in india?
A) Dadabhai naoroji
B) Ramesh chandra dutt
C) Gopal krishna gokhle
D) Amrtya kumar sen

Answer: A

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