Economy Online Quiz For SSCCGL- 2016,SSC CHSL,Railway Exams

1. When did the naya paisa introduced with the decimal system of coinage, become paisa?
A) April,1957
B) October 2,1961
C) June 1, 1964
D) April 1,1965
Answer: A

2. From which year was the FEMA promulgated?
A) 1999
B) 2000
C) 2002
D) 2003
Answer: B

3. Tick mark which is incorrect about inflation?
A) Inflation indicates the rise in the price of a basket of commodities on a point-to –point basis
B) The inflation rate in india is calculated on the basis of the wholesale price index
C) For some commodities retail prices are also considered for meseaurement of inflation
D) Inflation rate going down does not mean prices are declining
Answer: D

4. Guilt-edged market means?
A) Bullion market
B) Market of government securities
C) Market of guns
D) Market of pure metals
Answer: B

5. The new series of wholesale price index (WPI) released by the government of india is with reference to the base prices of?
A) 1981-82
B) 1990-91
C) 1993-94
D) 1994-95
Answer: C

6. Debenture holders of a company are its?
A) Shareholders
B) Vreditors
C) Debators
D) Directors
Answer: B

7. Tarapore committee was associated with which one of the following?
A) Special economic zone
B) Fully capital account convertibility
C) Effect of oil-prices on the Indian economy
D) Foreign exchange reserve
Answer: B

8. Which one of the following statements is an appropriate description of deflation?
A) It is a sudden fall in the value of a currency against other currencies
B) It is a persistent recession in both the financial and real sectors of economy
C) It is a persistent fall in the general price level of goods and services
D) It is a fall in the rate of inflation over a period of time
Answer: C

9. In the parlance of financial investment, the term bear denotes?
A) An investor who feels that the price of a particular security is going to fall
B) An investor who expects the price of particular shares to rise
C) A shareholder or a bondholder who has an interest in a company, financial or otherwise
D) Any lender whether by making a loan or buying a bond
Answer: A

10. Which of the following is /are treated as artificial currency?
D) Both ADR and SDR
Answer: C

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