Physics Online GK Questions for Railway,ssc cgl,ssc chsl exams

1. Clothes keep us warm in winter because they?
A) Supply heat
B) Do not radiate heat
C) Prevent air from constcting the body
D) Prevent the heat of the body from escaping
Answer: D

2. The best conductor of heat among the following is?
A) Alcohol
B) Mercury
C) Ether
D) Water
Answer: B

3. Metal tea pots have wooden handles because?
A) Wood is a bad conductor of heat
B) It prevents electric shock
C) Tis gives beauty to the pots
D) It is hygienic
Answer: A

4. White clothes are cooler than black ones because they?
A) It is easily obtained
B) It is cheaper and is not harmful
C) It has high specific heat
D) It is easy to heat water
Answer: C

5. At upper atmosphere, an astronaut feels?
A) Extremely hot
B) Slightly hotter
C) Extremely cool
D) Slightly cooler
Answer: C

6. Which of the following is the example of ideal balck body?

A) Kajal
B) Black board
C) A pin hole box
D) None of these
Answer: C

7. The wavelength of the radiation emitted by a body depends upon?
A) The nature of the surface
B) The area of the surface
C) The temperature of the surface
D) All of the above factors
Answer: C

8. The temperature of water at the bottom of a waterfall is higher than that at the top because?
A) Water at the bottom has greater potential energy
B) The surface at the bottom provides heat
C) Kinetic energy of falling water is converted into heat
D) Falling water absorbs heat from the surroundings
Answer: C

9. The energy that can harness heat stored below the earth’s surface is known as?
A) Thermal energy
B) Nuclear energy
C) Tidal energy
D) Geo-thermal energy

Answer: D

10. The temperature of boiling water in a steam engine may be high because?
A) There are dissolved substance in water
B) There is low pressure inside the boiler
C) There is high pressure inside the boiler
D) The fire is at very high temperature
Answer: C

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