Shortcut Usage of Adjectives in English Grammar SBI PO,Clerk-2016 Exams

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As you know that English Grammar is an important part of SBI PO- 2016, SBI Clerk – 2016, SSC CGL, SSC CPO Exams. That’s why we shall discuss the Rules of Adjectives and its basic usage in English Grammar which will be helpful for upcoming exam like FCI, SSC and all other competition exam.

What Is an Adjective?
The simplest definition of an adjective is that it is a word that describes or clarifies a noun. Adjectives describe nouns by giving some information about an object’s size, shape, age, color, origin or material.
Examples: Black book, Lazy boy

An adjective can be used in two ways:

(1) Attributively: She is good teacher (Adjective is before noun)

(2) Predicatively: Rakesh is intelligent. (Adjective is immediately after verb)

Types of adjectives:
1. Adjectives of Quality (answer the question: Of what kind?): Delhi is a large city, He is an honest man
2. Adjectives of Quantity (answer the question: how much?): I ate some rice, you have no sense
3. Adjectives of Number (answer the question: how many?): The hand has five fingers, All men must die

Adjectives of number are of three kinds:

A. Definite numeral adjectives: One, two, three etc.  These are called cardinals.  First, second, third etc.  
These are called ordinals

B. Indefinite numeral adjectives:  Which do not denote an exact number.  E.g.:  all, no, many, few, any, certain, several, sundry

C. Distributive numeral adjectives:  Which refer to each one of a number.  E.g.: Each, every, Neither, And Either.
1. Each boy must take his turn
2. India expects every man to do his duty
3. Either pen will do
4. Neither accusation is true

D. Demonstrative Adjective: (answers the questions which?)
 1. This boy is stronger than Gopal
 2. That boy is diligent
 3. These mangoes are sour
 4. I hate such things

E. Interrogative adjectives: used to ask questions when there are used with nouns
 1. What manner of man is he?
 2. Which way shall we go?
 3. Whose book is this?

F. Emphasizing adjectives: the words own and very act as emphasizing adjectives
 1. I saw it with my own eyes
 2. I met him in this very room

G. Exclamatory adjectives: What is sometimes used as an exclamatory adjectives?
 1. What an Idea!
 2. What a blessing!

What Do Adjectives Look Like?

English can be very tricky, so you have to be careful, but a lot of English adjectives end with these suffixes:

1. -Able/-ible – adorable, invisible, responsible, uncomfortable

2. -Al – educational, gradual, illegal, nocturnal, viral

3. -An – American, Mexican, urban

4. -ar – cellular, popular, spectacular, vulgar

5. -ent – intelligent, potent, silent, violent

6. -ful – harmful, powerful, tasteful, thoughtful

7. -ic/-ical – athletic, energetic, magical, scientific

8. -ine – bovine, canine, equine, feminine, masculine

9. -ile – agile, docile, fertile, virile

10. -ive – informative, native, talkative

11. -less – careless, endless, homeless, timeless

12. -ous – cautious, dangerous, enormous, malodorous

13. -some – awesome, handsome, lonesome, wholesome
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