Physics Online Questions For SSC CGL,CHSL,RRB Exams

1. A particle is moving in a uniform magnetic field?
A) Its momentum changes but total energy remains same
B) Both momentum and total energy remains same
C) Both momentum and total energy change
D) Total energy changes but momentum remains the same
Answer: A

2. If a current is passed in a spring it?
A) Gets compressed
B) Gets expanded
C) Oscillates
D) Remains unchanged
Answer: A

3. A charged particle is moving with velocity V in magnetic field of induction B. the force on the particle will be maximum when?
A) V and B are in same direction
B) V and B are opposite direction
C) V and B are perpendicular
D) None of these
Answer: C

4. The magnetic induction associated with currents flowing in a hollow copper tube will be?
A) Only inside
B) Only out side
C) Both inside and outside
D) Neither inside nor outside
Answer: B

5. When a charged particle enters a uniform magnetic field its kinetic energy?
A) Remains constant
B) Increased
C) Decreases
D) Becomes 0
Answer: A

6. The magnetic field lines in the middle of a solenoid are?
A) Circle
B) Parallel to the axis
C) Spirals
D) Perpendicular to the axis
Answer: B

7. Magnetic field inside a solenoid is?
A) Directly proportional to current
B) Inversely proportional to current
C) Directly proportional to its length
D) Inversely proportional to the total number of turns
Answer: A

8. The deflection in moving coil galvanometer is?
A) Directly proportional to the torsional constant
B) Inversely proportional to the area of the coil
C) Inversely proportional to the current
D) Directly proportional to the number of turns in the coil
Answer: D

9. A moving charged is subjected to an external magnetic field. The change in the kinetic energy of the particle?
A) Increases with the increase in the field strength
B) Decreases with the increases in the field strength
C) Is always zero
D) Depends upon whether the field is uniform or non-uniform
Answer: C

10. A strong magnetic field is a applied on a stationary electron, then the electron?
A) Moves in the direction of the field
B) Moves opposite to the field
C) Starts spinning
D) remains stationary

Answer: D

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