History Online GK Quiz For SSC CGL,RRB NTPC,SSC CHSL exams


1. In ends and means relationship, gandhiji believed?

 A. Means determine the ends
Means become good if they serve the ends
 C. Ends is everything no matter what or how the means are
 D. Ends and means are watertight compartment

The answer is (A)

2. Bhulabhai desai’s most memorable achievement was his defence of the Indian  national army (ANA) personnel at the red fort trial towards the ends of?

 A. Simon commission
 B. Cripps mission
 C. Cabinet mission
 D. Wavel plan

The answer is (B)

3.Under whose leadership was the congress socialist party founded in 1934?

 A. Jawahar lal Nehru and mahatma Gandhi
 B. Acharya narendra dev and jai prakash narayan
 C. Subhas Chandra bose and  P.C.joshi
Saifuddin kitchlew and rajendra Prasad

The answer is (B)

4. The issue on which the civil Disobedience movement of 1930 was launched was?

 A. Equal employment opportunities for Indians
 B. The proposed execution of bhagat singh
 C. Salt monopoly exercised by the british government
 D. Complete freedom

The answer is (D)

5. Who was the author of the book my experiment with truth?
 A. Aurobindo ghosh
 B. Bal gangadhar tilak
 C. M.K.Gandhi
Vinoba bhave
The answer is (C)

6. Gandhiji movement of boycotting the foreign goods aimed at?

 A. Promotion of welfare state
 B. Creating anti-british sentiment
 C. Promotion of cottage industry
Full independence

The answer is (C)


7. After the chauri-chaura incident, gandhiji suspended the?

 A. Civil disobedience movement
 B. Khilafat movement
 C. Non-co-operation movement
Quit india movement

The answer is (C)

8. India attained dominion states on?

 A. 15th January, 1947
 B. 15th august 1947
 C. 15th august, 1950
15th October,1947

The answer is (B)

9.  Who called gandhiji half naked beggar?

 A. Mountbatten
 B. Hastings
Winston Churchill
 D. Jinnah

The answer is (C)

10. The final arrangements for the india’s independence were worked out by the?

 A. Cabinet-mission
 B. Simon commission
 C. Gandhi-irwin pact
Cripps mission

The answer is (A)

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