History GK Questions For SSC CGL.SSC CHSL And RRB NTPC Exams

1. Maulana abul kalam azad started an Urdu weekly, the A1-Hilal in 1912 but on its being banned by the government, he founded the A1-balagh in?
A) 1913
B) 1914
C) 1915
D) 1916
Answer: A

2. Who was the first woman president of Indian national congress?
A) Sarojini naidu
B) Sucheta kripalani
C) Rajkumari amrit Kaur
D) Annie Besant
Answer: D

3. In which session of the Indian national congress did the historic union of congress and Muslim league take place?
A) Surat
B) Bombay
C) Calcutta
D) Lucknow
Answer: D

4. Who was the faunder-editor of the famous newspaper kesari during the national struggle?
A) Mahatma Gandhi
B) Jawaharlal Nehru
C) Lokmanya tilak
D) Muhammad Iqbal
Answer: C

5. The split between the extremists and moderates came up in the open at the surat congress session in the year?
A) 1905
B) 1906
C) 1907
D) 1910
Answer: C

6. All India Muslim league was formed at?
A) Lahore
B) Aligarh
C) Lucknow
D) Dhaka
Answer: D

7. The most important organization of the pre-congress nationalist organizations was the?
A) Bengal British India society
B) East India association
C) Young Bengal association
D) Indian association of Calcutta
Answer: D

8. Who Sai, the congress is tottering to its fall and one of my greatest ambition while in india is to assist it to a peaceful demise?
A) George Hamilton
B) Lord Curzon
C) Lord dufferin
D) Lord Minto
Answer: B

9. Who of the following was the first Muslim president of Indian national congress?
A) Badaruddin Tyabji
B) Abdul kalam azad
C) Rafi ahmed kidwai
D) M.A.Ansari
Answer: A

10. Who is the exponent of the theory of economic drain of india during the british rule?
A) Dadabhai naoroji
B) M.N.Roy
C) Jai prakash narayan
D) Ram manohar lohiya
Answer: A

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