Geography Online GK Questions Quiz For SSC CGL,CPO,RRB Exams


1.Which one of the following is the correct sequence In terms  of descending values of albedo?

 A. Forest, snow,water
Snow,forest water
 C. Water, snow, forest
 D. Forest, water, snow

The answer is (B)

2. The world-wide jet stream that occurs in winter above the troposphere resulting from a very steep stratospheric thermal gradient is the?

 A. Arctic stream
 B. Sub-polar jet stream
 C. Polar-night jet stream
 D. Sub-tropical jet stream

The answer is (D)

3. Which one of the following reflects back more sunlight as compared to other three?

 A. Sand desrt
 B. Paddy crop land
 C. Land covered with fresh snow
Prairie land

The answer is (C)

4. Clouds usually form when?

 A. Air temperature reaches the dew point
 B. Evaporation has warmed the surrounding air
 C. Relative humidity is 0%
 D. Condensation nuclei have been removed from the air

The answer is (A)

5. Which of the following types of clouds is a low level cloud?
 A. Cirrus
 B. Cirrocumulus
 C. Stratocumulus
The answer is (C)

6. ……Is a type of cloud that is tall, dense and involved In thunderstorms and other intense weather?

 A. Cumulus clouds
 B. Mammatus clouds
 C. Cumulonimbus clouds
Nimbus clouds

The answer is (C)

7. Which of the following cloud are sometimes called fair weather clouds but can grow into more storm-condition weather and continued upward growth suggests showers later in the day?

 A. Cumulus
 B. Nimbostratus
 C. Stratus

The answer is (A)

8. The percentage of radiant energy reflected by surface is called?

 A. Albedo
 B. Greenhouse effect
 C. Insolation
 D. R

The answer is (A)

9.  Collision-coalescence process of precipitation is applicable to?

 A. Cirrus
 B. Clouds that extend beyond freezing level
Clouds that do not extend beyond freezing level
 D. All types of clouds

The answer is (C)

10. The per-capita hydel power output is the highest in?

 A. Japan
 B. Norway
 C. Sweden

The answer is (A)

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