Geography GK Questions Quiz For SSC CGl,CHSL,RRB NTPC Exams

1. Jet streams blows?
A) From west to east
B) From east to wet
C) From north to south
D) None of the above
Answer: A

2. Which one among the following statements regarding Chinook winds is not correct?
A) These are local winds
B) They descend along the eastern slopes of the rocky mountain in mid –latitudes
C) They bring lots of rain with them
D) They benefit agriculture
Answer: C

3. The trade winds are strongest during?
A) Winter
B) Summer
C) Rainy season
D) Autumn season
Answer: B

4. Coriolis flow tends of turn?
A) The flow of the air
B) The direction of the air
C) The velocity of the air
D) None of them
Answer: A

5. Wind sane is an instrument that?
A) Determines the direction of the wind
B) Determines the speed of the wind
C) Determines the force of the wind
D) None of these
Answer: A

6. Faehn and Chinook winds are?
A) Caused by strong regional winds while passing over a mountain range
B) Caused by strong local wind
C) Caused by westerlies
D) Caused by humid westerlies
Answer :A

7. Hail is associated with?
A) Thunder storm
B) Hurricane
C) Cyclone
D) Hurricane
E) Typhoons
Answer: A

8. Which of the following statements about westerlies is not correct?
A) They blow from subtropical high to equatorial low
B) Westerlies of southern hemisphere are stronger
C) In northern hemisphere they blow from south-west to north –east
D) They are also known as roaring fearing forties, furious fifties shrieking sixties
Answer: A

9. The warm and dry winds that blow down the steep valley in japan are called?
A) Zonda
B) Yamo
C) Tramontane
D) Sannta ana
Answer: B

10. Sea breeze is formed during?
A) Day time
B) Night time
C) Seasonal
D) A and b

Answer: A

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