English Vocabulary Words ForSBI Clerk,PO-2016,SSC CGL,CHSL Exams

1. Polarize (verb) -To break up into opposing groups
E.g. Ravi tended to polarize discussions rather than to encourage compromise.
Synonyms: divide

2. Pomp (noun)-Showy display
E.g.  Ritu couldn't help enjoying the pomp of the elaborate wedding ceremony.
Synonyms: pageantry, grandeur

3. Precept (noun) -A general rule of action
E.g.  All the students know Mrs. Brown's strict precept; no talking in class.
Synonyms: rule, axiom

4. Preclude (verb) -To rule out in advance
E.g.  "Having cake now will preclude dessert later," said Amber's mother.
Synonyms: prevent, hinder

5. Pretense (noun) -False intention or purpose
E.g.  The jewel theif entered the mansion under the pretense of fixing a leaky faucet.
Synonyms: cover, charade

6. Pretentious (adj) -Making unjustified claims
E.g.  The pretentious boy said that he was the fastest runner, but he finished last in the race.
Synonyms: pompous, showy

7. Procrastinate (verb) -To put off intentionally
E.g.  Yogita's father urged, "Don't procrastinate. Clean your room right away."
Synonyms: delay, stall

8. Prominence (noun) -Importance
E.g.  The singer's prominence ensured that the concert would sell out.
Synonyms: renown, eminence

9. Promote (verb) -To contribute to the growth or prosperity of
E.g.  The promote peace, the diplomat hosted a talk between the warring nations.
Synonyms: advance, forward

10. Proximity (noun) -Closeness
E.g.  The proximity of Tia's house to school meant that she could walk there in five minutes.
Synonyms: nearness, propinquity

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