English Vocabulary Words For SBI Clerk, Po-2016 All Exams

1. Iridescent (adj) -Having a lustrous or attractive quality
E.g. The movie star's iridescent presence charmed even the hardened reporter.
Synonyms: shimmering, sparkling

2. Lenient (adj) -Mild or tolerant
E.g.  The judge issued a lenient sentence because it was Ram's first offense.
Synonyms: merciful, clement

3. Liability (noun) -encumbrance
E.g. Kevin's growing fatigue was a liability as he attempted to climb the steep hill.
Synonyms: handicap

4. Lurid (adj) -Causing horror, shocking
E.g.  The lurid photos of the crime scene upset the jury.
Synonyms: gruesome

5. Mandate (noun) -decree
E.g.  Sanjana reluctantly obeyed the mandate to vacate her apartment.
Synonyms: command

6. Manifest (adj) -Obvious
E.g. Santosh finally made his affection manifest when he handed Krishna a red rose.
Synonyms: evident, unmistakable

7. Mediate (verb) -To come between parties in order to reconcile
The diplomatic Anil was able to mediate between the quarreling sisters.
Synonyms: arbitrate, negotiate

8. Melee (noun) -A tumultuous fight among several people

E.g.  After the game, a melee broke out between fans of the opposing teams.
Synonyms: brawl, skirmish

9. Melodious (adj) -Having a pleasing melody
E.g.  The melodious sounds of the symphony soothed Krishna after his trying day.
Synonyms: dulcet, mellifluous

10. Methodical (adj) -Performed in an orderly manner
E.g.  Santosh's methodical approach exasperated his free-spirited friend Ujjwal.
Synonyms: systematic, meticulous

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