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As you know that Vocabulary is the cornerstone of your English skills. Without a strong vocabulary, you cannot implement the rules of English grammar. So we are providing vocabulary words with Hindi meaning which will help in upcoming SSC Exam.

1.  Fetid ( Adj).
Synonyms: stinking, foul, noisome, offensive
Antonyms: fresh, good
Example: A fetid smell was coming from his room.

2. Foment ( V.) :    
Synonyms : incite, cause, abet, create
Antonyms: check, prevent
Example: The Defamation Bill fomented journalists to take to the streets.

3. Forthright ( Adj.)
Synonyms: Casual, chance, accidental
Antonyms : planned, deliberate
Example: He is forthright person.

4. Gimcrack ( Adj.)
Synonyms: Shoddy, second – rate, cheap
Antonyms: excellent, costly
Example: The necklace that she is wearing is a gimcrack.

5. Haughtiness ( N.)
Synonyms: arrogance, hauteur
Antonyms: meekness , simplicity

6. Inapt (Adj.)
Synonyms: unsuitable, inappropriate, unfit,
Antonyms: suitable , apt
Example: What an inapt question has been asked by you.

7. Inimical (Adj.):
Synonyms: adverse, hostile, unfavourable
Antonyms: favourable
Example: Inimical behaviour should be curtailed.

8. Juggle (V.) :
Synonyms: shuffle, swindle, conjure
Example: The magician can juggle the balls very well.

9. Laconic (Adj.)
Synonyms: brief, short, concise, terse
Antonyms: long, extensive
Example: My friend is a laconic person.

10. Impressive (Adj.) :
Synonyms: imposing, remarkable, noted
Antonyms: Ordinary, common
Example: He delivered an impressive speech on the occasion

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