English Vocabulary For SBI Clerk- 2016,SBI-PO,SSC CGL Exams

1. Retroactive (adj) -effective as of a prior time or condition
E.g.The retroactive law made even past infractions punishable.
Synonym: retrograde

2. Revive (verb) -To bring back to life
E.g. Hank tried to revive Clare's interest in the project, but her enthusiasm had expired.
Synonyms: reanimate, quicken

3. Revoke (verb) -To cancel by taking back
E.g.  After Kal's father revoked his allowance, he had no money for the movies.
Synonyms: rescind, annul

4. Scamper (verb) -To run quickly
E.g.  The frightened kitten scampered away from the butterfly.
Synonyms: dash, scurry

5. Scapegoat (noun) -Someone who bears the blame for others
E.g.  Audrey used her innocent baby brother as a scapegoat for the missing cookies.
Synonyms: dupe, victim

6. Serenity (noun) -Calmness
E.g.  The serenity of the glassy sea soothed the sailors after the big storm.
Synonyms: peace, tranquility

7. Servile (adj) -Fearfully submissive
E.g.  Felicia's servile attitude annoyed her boss, who preferred an assistant with more backbone.
Synonyms: slavish, menial

8. Sociable (adj) -Inclined to seek companionship
E.g.  The sociable Glenda was delighted to receive the party invitation.
Synonyms: genial, gregarious

9. Solace (noun) -Source of consolation
E.g.  Parents' weekend was a solace to Marjorie, whose beloved daughter had left for college.
Synonyms: comfort, relief

10. Stealth (noun) -The act of moving secretly or unnoticed
E.g.  The cat burglar took the ring by stealth, slipping it from the sleeping woman's finger.
Synonyms: furtiveness, slyness

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