English Short Notes Adjectives Rules For SBI PO SBI Clerk 2016 All Exams

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                        Here we are providing the short notes on English topic (Adjective), which will help you to revise whole syllabus For SBI PO – 2016, SBI Clerk – 2016, LIC,RBI,SSC CGL,SSC CHSL Exams.

Definition of Adjective: Simply we can say that Adjectives are describing words. Adjectives are words that describe or modify nouns.


Sizes: big, small, large, thin, thick

Shapes: triangular, round, square, circular

Colors: black, blue, white, green, red

Personality: happy, sad, angry, and depressed

Time: Yearly, monthly, annually

Ages: new, young, old, brand-new, second-hand

Sounds: Loud, noisy, quiet, silent

Tastes: juicy, sweet

Qualities: good, bad, mediocre

Now let’s have a look at the Rules on Adjectives:

Rule 1:
In a comparison, the conjunction 'than' should be followed by 'any other' If a person / thing is compared with any other person / thing among some / many.

Rule 2:
In comparisons, the monosyllable words like "hot / easy / tall / small" should not be used with more / most.

Rule 3:
Elder / eldest should be used with the members of the same family.
Older/ oldest these comparative adjective denote the age of person / thing.

Rule 4:
While comparing the objects, we should see that a noun is compared with another but not with some other word.

Rule 5:
One, Two, Three etc. are called Cardinal Numbers.
First, Second, Third etc are called Ordinal Numbers.
In usage the Ordinal number is used in the First Place.
Trick: CO

Rule 6:
The following comparative adjectives should be used 'to' in comparison but not 'than'. (More / Most should not be used).
Interior / Superior / Junior / Senior / Anterior / Posterior etc.

Rule 7:
 After 'comparatively / relatively' an adjective under positive degree should be used.

Rule 8:
After 'prefer / preferable' instead of than, 'to' should be used.

Rule 9:
More / Most should not be used with 'excellent / unique / perfect / major / complete / round / golden etc.

Rule 10:
When we compare two qualities in the same person, we should say
'Shivani is more wise than strong'

Rule 11:
When two adjectives in different degrees of comparison are used in the same sentence, each should be complete in itself.

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